Thursday, November 29, 2012

I love you for sentimental reasons

Today was my birthday! I turned 22. I am hoping 22 will be a really special year because my favourite number is 2 and 22 is 2 2s you know. I am looking forward to a fun weekend away in Sydney. My Nanna gave me a little purple suitcase for my birthday that I am now half way finished packing with my tambourine and other necessities.

A recent illustration for ROOKIE. Seems fitting also as a metaphor image of me looking out into my 22nd year
"new shoes" - Leo Johnson
This is a little baby bird that fell out of his nest he is now living in our courtyard his Mama is still feeding him, but we are also watching out for him I hope he will be okay.
Every year at my birthday my Great Aunt's and Uncles send me birthday cards, without fail, usually posted strategically so they arrive on the exact day. I love the use of quotation marks in this one in regards to "good day", it kills me but I love it. 
Sorry I've been slack blogging lately, ready to get back into the swing of things soon once my life quietens down a little. In the meantime I'm gonna live it up in Sydney!


An older and wiser Minna Gilligan


  1. Happy Birthday, Minna! I love your collages, they're so beautiful! Your Nanna's cake is so cute!

  2. Happy Birthday! Also, are you coming to Syndey?! Yay~~~