Thursday, November 1, 2012

Countin' flowers on the wall

1. Flowers on the Wall - Nancy Sinatra
2. Crying in the Chapel - Elvis Presley
3. You Don't Own Me - Lesley Gore
4. I Still Miss Someone - Johnny Cash
5. A Song For You - The Carpenters
6. For the Longest Time - Billy Joel

Above is a small playlist that I made that I initially called 'SICK TIMES' but I thought that sick could be misinterpreted as meaning 'wicked' or 'cool' you know, which wasn't what I intended so I thought I'd just call it 'Flowers on the wall' because of the song about the person who stays in their room for a long time doing silly things to fill the hours like smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo. Anyway please download the songs here They're not contagious!

In my 'recovery period' at home I've just totally gone out of my mind with stir craziness. I'm not really well enough to launch full back into my real life, and so I'm sort of half doing it from home and watching TV and painting my nails *perfectly* and plucking my eyebrows similarly. Also been thinking about how great of a support system that I have, so many people ready to pick up the pieces when I can't. On Tuesday I had my assessment at Uni and I couldn't hang my work myself, so a combination of my family and friends all stepped up and did it for me. I mean seriously what a drag, and they were all super happy to help and I was so happy to be in the world with the people that I am with! And, not to mention, they all did such a great job. I wasn't there so I only have phone photos, but here you go. I will post up proper documentation soon!

And I'll just end on some random photos from today and yesterday:


  1. Glad to hear you're on the mend! Will you have a final year exhibition? xx

    1. HEy! Yes Grad show is on the 19th of November at 6pm you should totally come, it's always heaps of fun!! XXXX

  2. Oh sweet! Will be there! I'll come after work x