Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Above, two works from my new series up on the Ardorous! View here: http://www.theardorous.com/portfolio/paved-paradise/ 

HEY, I'M SO BUSY. However, never too busy to blog because *shock horror* sometimes I blog to get out of doing things! We are installing for Grad show, but this afternoon I ditched and literally traipsed across town to get an outfit for the opening Monday night (I couldn't resist) So I may as well tell you the whole story about my outfit. So like when Romance Was Born came out with their Spring collection this year (Collab with painter Stephen Bush), I was set on wearing a particular dress from that collection. I wasn't fast enough though and it sold out. Upon realizing this I was thinking deeply about the below gold leather dress from Kristi Rose.

My *dream fantasy* dress was this via Net-A-Porter but it was *WAAAY* out of my price range

And of course, dream shoes - holographic Jeffrey Campbells - released only this week - too late for me to get for Grad!

Below is what I came home with. No gold leather, I chickened out. But now I totally regret going the safe route but I've already spent all my dollas and still need shoes. I have to say I wanted to be the girl who graduated in a gold leather dress. But now I will not be!

Bored yet?

I reviewed Woody Allen's 'Sleeper' for ROOKIE!
Georgie, Jon and I in the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) magazine!
Rose cut outs on the couch, working working working!
SO many deadlines! But I sort of love it. (Seriously each post I write here contradicts the next) !
 P.S INSTAGRAM, I AM THERE - username: minnagilligan

Okay seriously going to do work now not even joking


  1. GORGEOUS WORK and you never fail to make me wish that I had your ~fashion sense~

  2. aaahhh Minna, you're just incredible!