Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Am I ever gonna see your face again

It's over, for real and absolute good this time. No more art school, no more VCA. The reality that I'm not returning next year had actually not even occurred to me until today. Now I'm getting all super nostalgic and romantic about the whole thing because suddenly it's in the distance, almost, and it's an experience that's BEHIND ME, you know.

I'm remembering in first year how we'd get together, this bunch of people who knew each other so hardly - and listen to Of Montreal and CocoRosie and dance, or smoke, or throw jelly on each other. These relationships strengthened rapidly over $4 bottles of wine and a wild party every weekend. In second year we mellowed out a bit, giving each other homemade tattoos over civilized birthday breakfasts - just getting by with a little help from our friends. I think in third year we *grew up* collectively - I cut my hair, Georgie grew hers back. We became aware of what we were doing, articulate almost, I recall dinner parties and being taken seriously for one of the first times in my life. 

Honours this year was unlike the first three years, of course, because it didn't include everyone we'd spent the aforementioned *formative years* with (Not to mention different course structure etc). I think this year allowed me to actually come to terms with the past three years you know, and actually apply what I've learnt and reach a level where I could comfortably function as an artist in the real world. Now it is definitely time to go and fly or whatever. Great metaphor.

Uh so the Graduation show exhibition opening was fine last night, to be honest I just sort of just wiped the sweat from my brow and said phew and then ate McDonalds for dinner and danced at the after party for a bit. Understandably I wasn't really feeling the vibes of electronic *beatz* and would have much rather listened to like that Vitamin C 'Graduation (Friends Forever)' song you know because I'm sentimental like that. Louis and I went home just past the time that it would be considered lame and as I was rambling at Louis in the cab about a whole lot of nothing I suddenly saw the crescent moon, low and large and a warm orange, hanging over the shipping crates at the Docklands. It was perfect, you know and it just floored me. That is when I realised that art school was over, all over. But I also realised that next year will be like first year again except I already know the amazing people I know now, and so much more.

Above are pictures from various parties in 2009 (first year), because I'm already so deep in reminiscing mode - and of course Suzy Bishop and a child mermaid for good measure.


  1. this was beautiful!

  2. OHMYGOD. I LOVE THAT BAND SO MUCH. My favourite song is Holland, 1945, but In the Aeroplane over the sea is a close second!