Thursday, November 29, 2012

I love you for sentimental reasons

Today was my birthday! I turned 22. I am hoping 22 will be a really special year because my favourite number is 2 and 22 is 2 2s you know. I am looking forward to a fun weekend away in Sydney. My Nanna gave me a little purple suitcase for my birthday that I am now half way finished packing with my tambourine and other necessities.

A recent illustration for ROOKIE. Seems fitting also as a metaphor image of me looking out into my 22nd year
"new shoes" - Leo Johnson
This is a little baby bird that fell out of his nest he is now living in our courtyard his Mama is still feeding him, but we are also watching out for him I hope he will be okay.
Every year at my birthday my Great Aunt's and Uncles send me birthday cards, without fail, usually posted strategically so they arrive on the exact day. I love the use of quotation marks in this one in regards to "good day", it kills me but I love it. 
Sorry I've been slack blogging lately, ready to get back into the swing of things soon once my life quietens down a little. In the meantime I'm gonna live it up in Sydney!


An older and wiser Minna Gilligan

Sunday, November 25, 2012

I wanna know what love is


My best high school buddies and me at the Grad Show opening
Earrings from Kinki Gerlinki : )
Dead butterfly on the way home

If the real world is a combination of all the things I've done in the past week then I guess it can't be all that bad. So obviously the Grad show has been on since Monday, with today being the last day. I sold some of my paintings! : ) Yay for art going out in the world! Tomorrow we have to de-install then that's it. I sat the show on Thursday and lots of people came through! Thursday night was really fun, because Georgie, Jon Campbell and I were a part of 'A Constructed World' which performed in collaboration with the 'Speech and What Archive' at the Ian Potter Museum of Art.

I actually had literally such a fun time, because we got to sing lots of fun songs and Georgie and I even got a solo! We also sung 'I Want To Know What Love Is' which was actually not corny and so beautiful. Members of the audience were instructed to get out of their seats and dance - preferably waltz with a partner. So we were up there singing to a field of people dancing joyously to our incredible cover of the 80s pop ballad. And you know the lyrics are actually really great.

So my singing career seems to be going swimmingly! (ha!) NOW THIS IS REALLY EXCITING and is relevant to people who live in Sydney who may be reading this! This Friday night the 30th, Pamela (the band consisting of Georgie, Jon and I) will be performing at MCA, yes, that's right, 
THE Museum of Contemporary Art
in Sydney *ARGH!* as a part of Art Bar curated by Jon himself. We have been rehearsing and not to brag but we are sounding really good, my tambourine is all tuned up. If you live in Sydney you should totally get tickets and come along I am positive it will be a great night and Georgie and I are SO ready for our weekend away *ALL EXPENSES PAID* in Sydney! PARTAY ON THE HOT SAUCE. MORE INFO HERE: This is seriously big!

Uh, in other news. I went to Shark Fin House for Louis' Dad's birthday last night! They had like aquariums and abalone and ducks at this restaurant. It was very fun! And I made some jokes that I think Louis' family laughed at not because they felt they had to so that was good for my humor confidence and general confidence you know. Today I had like a Christmas party for my extended extended family on my Mum's side and ate heaps of food and awkwardly talked to people I hardly know. Good times!

Okay so I am aware this is an essay but I haven't written anything for like a week so I had a whole lot to get out. This week will be a fun one I think because it is my birthday on Thursday and not that I am too fussed about my birthday but I want to spend it with people in my life that I like being around that's all I ask really for and a bit of birthday cake and some sentimental moment I can remember when I'm old. I wish I had some pictures from the Constructed World performance but I don't. I wish I had more pictures from Grad Show but I don't. I do think photographs sometimes alter memories rather than help to keep them. The memory becomes not the actual experience but the visual representation of that. They can be confusing for reminiscing times. Maybe it's better that I don't have a lot of photos of those important things, or people, because they'll be better and more truthfully preserved in my mind.

Nanna went all out with the fruit salad for the Christmas Party
Bought this old bed sheet today

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Am I ever gonna see your face again

It's over, for real and absolute good this time. No more art school, no more VCA. The reality that I'm not returning next year had actually not even occurred to me until today. Now I'm getting all super nostalgic and romantic about the whole thing because suddenly it's in the distance, almost, and it's an experience that's BEHIND ME, you know.

I'm remembering in first year how we'd get together, this bunch of people who knew each other so hardly - and listen to Of Montreal and CocoRosie and dance, or smoke, or throw jelly on each other. These relationships strengthened rapidly over $4 bottles of wine and a wild party every weekend. In second year we mellowed out a bit, giving each other homemade tattoos over civilized birthday breakfasts - just getting by with a little help from our friends. I think in third year we *grew up* collectively - I cut my hair, Georgie grew hers back. We became aware of what we were doing, articulate almost, I recall dinner parties and being taken seriously for one of the first times in my life. 

Honours this year was unlike the first three years, of course, because it didn't include everyone we'd spent the aforementioned *formative years* with (Not to mention different course structure etc). I think this year allowed me to actually come to terms with the past three years you know, and actually apply what I've learnt and reach a level where I could comfortably function as an artist in the real world. Now it is definitely time to go and fly or whatever. Great metaphor.

Uh so the Graduation show exhibition opening was fine last night, to be honest I just sort of just wiped the sweat from my brow and said phew and then ate McDonalds for dinner and danced at the after party for a bit. Understandably I wasn't really feeling the vibes of electronic *beatz* and would have much rather listened to like that Vitamin C 'Graduation (Friends Forever)' song you know because I'm sentimental like that. Louis and I went home just past the time that it would be considered lame and as I was rambling at Louis in the cab about a whole lot of nothing I suddenly saw the crescent moon, low and large and a warm orange, hanging over the shipping crates at the Docklands. It was perfect, you know and it just floored me. That is when I realised that art school was over, all over. But I also realised that next year will be like first year again except I already know the amazing people I know now, and so much more.

Above are pictures from various parties in 2009 (first year), because I'm already so deep in reminiscing mode - and of course Suzy Bishop and a child mermaid for good measure.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Just saying it could even make it happen

The eclipse on TV 

New disco pants

Okay so... Louis and I saw Moonrise Kingdom and I mean hello now I know why like every person I know on the internet has posted screen caps of it and dressed as a Raven for Halloween or whatever uh it was perfect. To die for. "Two thumbs up" - Minna Gilligan, her blog. Yeah cue whatever stereotype this signposts I dun care because it was so beautiful.

Sleepy eyes. Was up late last night faffing around. Last night too was actually a weird convergence of my high school environment and my Uni environment. Like how in Seinfeld George is like "You're killing independent George! Worlds are colliding!" That was totally me last night! I held my own though and made it through to get a potato cake at the train station before going home. Good times.

Will write more (better) tomorrow. REMINDER: VCA Grad show this Monday the 19th at 6pm. X

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Above, two works from my new series up on the Ardorous! View here: 

HEY, I'M SO BUSY. However, never too busy to blog because *shock horror* sometimes I blog to get out of doing things! We are installing for Grad show, but this afternoon I ditched and literally traipsed across town to get an outfit for the opening Monday night (I couldn't resist) So I may as well tell you the whole story about my outfit. So like when Romance Was Born came out with their Spring collection this year (Collab with painter Stephen Bush), I was set on wearing a particular dress from that collection. I wasn't fast enough though and it sold out. Upon realizing this I was thinking deeply about the below gold leather dress from Kristi Rose.

My *dream fantasy* dress was this via Net-A-Porter but it was *WAAAY* out of my price range

And of course, dream shoes - holographic Jeffrey Campbells - released only this week - too late for me to get for Grad!

Below is what I came home with. No gold leather, I chickened out. But now I totally regret going the safe route but I've already spent all my dollas and still need shoes. I have to say I wanted to be the girl who graduated in a gold leather dress. But now I will not be!

Bored yet?

I reviewed Woody Allen's 'Sleeper' for ROOKIE!
Georgie, Jon and I in the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) magazine!
Rose cut outs on the couch, working working working!
SO many deadlines! But I sort of love it. (Seriously each post I write here contradicts the next) !
 P.S INSTAGRAM, I AM THERE - username: minnagilligan

Okay seriously going to do work now not even joking

Saturday, November 10, 2012

They paved paradise, and put up a parkin' lot

Ah, so I'm pretty much back to my busy self - except now I'm sort of missing all that time I had on the couch. I know, totally insane. This week has been a bit of a shambles, moving out of my studio, and catching up on all the work I'd been putting off. We also had our end of year honours dinner, which was fun and silly and slightly overwhelming.

We had an indoor picnic for Georgie's birthday on Friday, and it also felt like a kind of last supper. We'd moved everything out of our studio spaces we've inhabited for the past year, back to our respective homes and bedrooms... or garbage bins. I stayed back a bit later to sweep my floor for the last time, and it was very quiet and as I picked up my backpack to leave I sort of had this feeling like a President leaving the White House or something you know.

Now we just have next week to install our work for the Graduation show, and it's all over. To be honest I'm thinking far more about what dress to buy for opening night rather than how I'm going to install my work, which could prove problematic. Just so you can 'save the date', if you live in Melbourne - the VCA Graduation show opens on Monday the 19th of November at 6pm. It is always an enormous amount of fun and packed with people so if you're free, come along.

Tonight I'm going to a party and before that having a dinner party with long lost Cheralyn. I am excited!

American candy memories

1/2 of my texta collection

Mushrooms in our garden!

I just thought I was bored outta my brains

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sugar Man

Cause the smell of her perfume echoes in my head still 
Cause I see my people trying to drown the sun in weekends of whiskey sours
Cause how many times can you wake up in this comic book and plant flowers?

This is kind of like when I discovered Connie Converse but the '70s version. Sixto Diaz Rodriguez or just 'Rodriguez' is a folk musician who recorded two albums in the early '70s to little/no commercial success (that he was aware of). He was actually really influential in South Africa, unbeknown to him, and in Australia where he briefly toured. Anyway you can read about him on Wikipedia or watch this 2012 documentary 'Searching For Sugar Man' about two South African fans of his, who went searching for Rodriguez despite rumors that he was dead. (I haven't seen it yet, but I can't wait!) The point is, his music is jaw dropping, like Neil Young crossed with James Taylor and Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake. A combo of all those people I'm telling ya. It's sentimental, poetic.. eh just listen. You're welcome.