Monday, October 8, 2012

I was cautioned to surrender

Tell me lies later, come and see me I'll be around for a while.

I went to a party last night which was really fun! And my friends Georgie and Daniel and I went out for dinner before hand and ate an outrageous amount of delicious Lebanese food. During the day I worked at Daine Singer gallery in Flinders Lane, sitting Tony Garifalakis' show. I have been so busy lately! But sitting the show by myself with minimal distractions allowed me to spend some quality time with my thesis, and now I think I'm pretty much, almost, done. Gotta press print and say BIND and then hand that bad boy in.

Anyway so last night was really fun and we danced like the whole time to fun music. At the end of the night I started to give people manicures, with Anna's amazing nailpolish collection. They were the wildest manicures that anyone has ever seen. I gave myself one too... Then pretty soon after that it was time to go home and I went back to Georgie and Daniel's house and I was jumping around in the back of the car laughing so much at stuff because I was very drunk, and then Daniel put on a Leonard Cohen record and the heater maybe to get me to calm down and it was amazing and so fun! Then I went to sleep after I had a Facebook rampage at 3.30am with Georgie in the next room.

Today I admired my nails and went to Savers briefly. I got some stuff. My internet at home is really slow so I can't surf Ebay to relax tonight. Back to Uni tomorrow, with lots of work to do!

I bought a new top from Alice Euphemia, OH BOY!
Books from the OP Shop 

Okay so I got more nailpolish *around* my nails rather than on them, but once that rubbed off they don't look so bad!

My new top!


  1. The nails are freaking awesome:)

  2. That night and that food and those nails all look (or, in the case of the night, sound) awesome!

  3. Awesome shirt! I love the nails as well!

  4. Ahhhh awaasummm! Seriously just candy for meh eyes!

  5. Loving your blog! Have had a fun time reading through it. It's so whacky and fun, just like your fabulous art. Yay for finishing your thesis - it can be such a traumatic process! :)

  6. Yay John Lennon.

    I have been listening to Elton John all day and making collages :)

  7. AWwhh thanks everyone!!! The nails lasted another week before I picked off the polish... haha! fun fun fun! thanks for your comments xoxo Minna