Monday, October 1, 2012

I wanna be with you everywhere

I've been home alone for the past few days, home alone for miles and miles, home alone like the movie. I went grocery shopping by myself, and bought Yogos and stick on earrings and a pound of sugar among other necessitates. This weekend was Louis' birthday, so on Saturday I attempted yet again to make a delicious flourless chocolate cake. It didn't work out, again, and I am ashamed and embarrassed at my attempts! As a more tangible and largely superior to the cake gift I gave him one of my paintings. I think/hope this was a good gift and not taken like you take a photo frame with dry pasta glue gunned around the edges from your granddaughter or something you know.

I actually had a really nice weekend, probably because I literally didn't do any work and lazed about in bed and in front of the television and at restaurants. It was really nice. Nice. I think I already said nice. Last night was so nice, we went out for dinner and drinks and we had cocktails later and it was weird, but I had this moment when I was drinking a cocktail with everyone and we were having some conversation about something civilized and I looked around and I thought "Oh my god, I'm an adult.", like, I looked at the people I was talking to and it seemed so - not sophisticated, but ADULT. Suddenly we'd all gotten really articulate and were talking about world issues and sipping $18 drinks. It was sort of nice. I always forget that my friends are really smart and can whip up an intellectual conversation, because we always laugh about stupid shit and have dumb jokes.

Other stuff that I did on the weekend included getting breakfast cooked for me, TWICE, which was so adult and luxurious, sleeeeeping in until a million o'clock, laughing, walking great distances in inappropriate shoes, lying on gallery floors, getting carried out of burning buildings - the usual. You can't tell that I'm really stressed, but I'll worry about it later, I'm living a life of luxuries - little luxuries, but luxuries nonetheless. (This is not an ad for whatever that company is that has that dumb slogan)

Hey, this is me in the mirror. Oh my god. This is what I wore to the adult dinner and drinks last night.
I feel happy because my painting is now a part of the Knight Street Art Space/Louis Mason's art collection and takes pride of place on his mantle.
The 'FUCK' painting is by Nellie Reinhard and the camouflage painting is by Phoebe Clarke.
At risk of this post being so boring I'm adding some pictures I've been collecting from around the traps... a couple from the lovely Petra and her blog which in my opinion is perfect, even though I'm biased and she's a doll. Hope you're happy and healthy. X Minna

Sweet Joni from Saskatoon 


  1. Ahhh! I love this post! Amazing! Your pants are to DIE FOR! I love the pictures! Sorry about the cake!

  2. Oh my god, I love ABBA.

    I totally know what you mean about world issues like "knowing about them and being interested in them but not really being interested." Quoted from Slutever hehe.

  3. I have just spent a very long time reading all your posts (going back in time), I could not stop, you are so cool! I Love your aesthetics and your art is so distinctive and perfect!