Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fun un-fun times

You know how in the last post I wrote that I was unwell? Turns out I really was! And had to go to hospital two times and had a drip and EVERYTHING WOAH! Today is actually the first day in all that time that I've been able to eat anything or sit up in bed and even get on the computer, and you all know how I love the computer. I really love the computer but I haven't even gone on it in over a week. You know what I love more than the computer? Food. I LOVE FOOD and I CANNOT BELIEVE that I haven't eaten any for a week. When I am fully better, do you know how much food I am going to eat? Mountains. MOUNTAINS OF CARBS and salt and chocolate I am not joking plus I've lost enough weight to be able to keep that habit up for a while until I get back to my normal weight SO PARTAY! So basically I'm not really entirely back on the chain gang, yet. Right now my Nanna is looking after me and we are watching TV with my dog Soda.

WELL even though I've been sick a fun thing happened on the weekend which was that my photograph was on page THREE (3) of The Age newspaper! Which was like only the most exciting thing that happened in my whole life, pity that I was feeling like the worst in my whole life! But I still was so excited and SO PROUD to be involved with Rookie, which was what the article was written about. I posted a bad scan that I made of it below and a link to the article where you can read it woohoo!

90s does 70s bell sleeved top, Kinki Gerlinki skirt and shoes.
Thursday stomach 
Saturday paper 15 minute fame 
No more drip for me! 


I will be back to regular posting soon because I feel lots better today! Hooray! :) :) :)


  1. congraaaats! and hope you recover well! im so happy for you, yet sympathetic!

  2. this is great! congrats!


  3. that's really awesome (the newspaper part-- not the being sick part)! you can put so much of yourself on the internet, but it means so much more when you can hold it in your hands and smell it and love it.