Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Back on the chain gang

I've been unwell the past few days! The confines of my bed and the couch drive me absolutely incomprehensibly INSANE. Finally today I felt okay enough to venture into the studios which was a relief, even though I didn't do any work ...

What can I possibly have to report from my couch and my bed? Not a lot really. EXCEPT that tomorrow I am being photographed by The Age newspaper for an article to be published on Saturday (at this stage anyway, I will keep you updated!) Pretty good effort I thought, for lazing around for half the week really...

Yesterday I got so sick of my place that I went to my Nanna's to feel unwell on her couch instead of mine, and we watched a daytime movie together called 'Stolen Hours' from 1963. I really enjoyed it because I love spending time with my Nanna but the movie was really sad! This woman, played by Susan Hayward, is going to die in like a year from some rare brain tumor. Cheery times. Then when I was looking up about the movie I found out that Susan Hayward died from a brain tumor too! She suffered the same fate as her character in the movie. Spooky.

What I also really liked about the movie was that the protagonist was an 'older' woman like in her 40s or whatever, and she had like an amazing love life and was a red head fox and did whatever she wanted. She was cool. Her disease specified that when the last year of her life was up, she would go blind for one hour before she died. I was wondering what kind of brain tumor had no symptoms or anything for a year until the last hour of your life when you go blind. And why is it specifically an hour? Anyway whatever, I guess they call that exaggerating.. or I mean 'creative license' for heightening drama. Sure worked on me. I have to go to bed now, my body is still fighting off this bug and bedtime is at 8.30pm for the time being, plus I have a big day tomorrow and as Marcia Brady would say looking at a closet full of clothes "I don't have a thing to wear!".

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