Saturday, October 13, 2012

Back in 5 minutes

I have just over an hour of work to go, what say you to that? I've even finished all my 'work', too, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to write a blog post while I am here with fast internet, what a luxury! Anyway, so turns out that I don't have a whole lot to say. I just ate a Yogo with m&m minis in it, which was delicious and the perfect afternoon snack. Now I'm eating strawberries to balance out that Yogo.

So as the previous post would suggest, I just finished my thesis, which is a small weight off. Now, I have two weeks to spend in the Studio, making as much work as physically and mentally possible for my assessment at the end of October. It's funny, I don't usually feel stressed about Studio assessment because I usually have made enough work and stuff, but this time it seems scary and even though I have a whole bunch of work none of it seems good enough or new enough for assessment, so I have this personal goal to make more. Luckily I work quite quickly, but I will still have to work really hard. PAINTING PAINTING PAINTING AHEAD. It'll be fun.

Although I know that my time at art school (VCA) is really coming to an end, it doesn't particularly feel that way. This will be the corniest thing to ever be said, so get ready, but I have this feeling like even after you leave VCA you'll always go there, in a way, like that experience will taint your entire life, a lens through which you will do everything else and make every other decision. I keep harping on about how excited I am to leave VCA, and I am, but truly I'm also a little nervous to be out in the world for the first time. What if I have nothing to do? What if I am a loser bum? These are all valid questions. I guess if I ever feel down I can just think about the VCA in my head and things won't be so bad, and I'm sort of half joking with that remark but not really. I guess what I mean by the VCA in your head is basically my friends, the fantastic community of artists that are living and working around me - if nothing else I know they will be around with some stupid jokes or some amazing painting. They're a good bunch. And of course, we need each other!

Also just so you know, a post-uni resolution for this blog is to POST MORE ACTUAL ART okay! So have faith, I will resume to posting drawings and stuff when I have more time on my old, withered, calloused hands.

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  1. all your posts recently are inspiring me to want to create a proper blog.

    your dream idea doesn't sound crazy to me. I think that dreams are as real as when we awake.

    I will share a scientific 'fact' that crawled its way to me yesterday. our dreams consolidate memories from the day if you sleep 7-8 hours, no less. which memories do those dreams / night brain pick to set for as long as your consciousness is. does consciousness reside in the brain?
    what does this scientific 'fact' mean for our dreams when we are awake? does the boundary blur?
    am I falling off-topic?
    I am curious how collective consciousness fits into all of this? have you ever dreamt a dream and the person beside you has dreamt the same scene? forgive the discussion if it isn't on your mind, but I somehow think it is.

    sweet dreams / life / impulse and consciousness