Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fun un-fun times

You know how in the last post I wrote that I was unwell? Turns out I really was! And had to go to hospital two times and had a drip and EVERYTHING WOAH! Today is actually the first day in all that time that I've been able to eat anything or sit up in bed and even get on the computer, and you all know how I love the computer. I really love the computer but I haven't even gone on it in over a week. You know what I love more than the computer? Food. I LOVE FOOD and I CANNOT BELIEVE that I haven't eaten any for a week. When I am fully better, do you know how much food I am going to eat? Mountains. MOUNTAINS OF CARBS and salt and chocolate I am not joking plus I've lost enough weight to be able to keep that habit up for a while until I get back to my normal weight SO PARTAY! So basically I'm not really entirely back on the chain gang, yet. Right now my Nanna is looking after me and we are watching TV with my dog Soda.

WELL even though I've been sick a fun thing happened on the weekend which was that my photograph was on page THREE (3) of The Age newspaper! Which was like only the most exciting thing that happened in my whole life, pity that I was feeling like the worst in my whole life! But I still was so excited and SO PROUD to be involved with Rookie, which was what the article was written about. I posted a bad scan that I made of it below and a link to the article where you can read it woohoo!

90s does 70s bell sleeved top, Kinki Gerlinki skirt and shoes.
Thursday stomach 
Saturday paper 15 minute fame 
No more drip for me! 


I will be back to regular posting soon because I feel lots better today! Hooray! :) :) :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Back on the chain gang

I've been unwell the past few days! The confines of my bed and the couch drive me absolutely incomprehensibly INSANE. Finally today I felt okay enough to venture into the studios which was a relief, even though I didn't do any work ...

What can I possibly have to report from my couch and my bed? Not a lot really. EXCEPT that tomorrow I am being photographed by The Age newspaper for an article to be published on Saturday (at this stage anyway, I will keep you updated!) Pretty good effort I thought, for lazing around for half the week really...

Yesterday I got so sick of my place that I went to my Nanna's to feel unwell on her couch instead of mine, and we watched a daytime movie together called 'Stolen Hours' from 1963. I really enjoyed it because I love spending time with my Nanna but the movie was really sad! This woman, played by Susan Hayward, is going to die in like a year from some rare brain tumor. Cheery times. Then when I was looking up about the movie I found out that Susan Hayward died from a brain tumor too! She suffered the same fate as her character in the movie. Spooky.

What I also really liked about the movie was that the protagonist was an 'older' woman like in her 40s or whatever, and she had like an amazing love life and was a red head fox and did whatever she wanted. She was cool. Her disease specified that when the last year of her life was up, she would go blind for one hour before she died. I was wondering what kind of brain tumor had no symptoms or anything for a year until the last hour of your life when you go blind. And why is it specifically an hour? Anyway whatever, I guess they call that exaggerating.. or I mean 'creative license' for heightening drama. Sure worked on me. I have to go to bed now, my body is still fighting off this bug and bedtime is at 8.30pm for the time being, plus I have a big day tomorrow and as Marcia Brady would say looking at a closet full of clothes "I don't have a thing to wear!".

Sunday, October 21, 2012

This is another morning, rainbow, love, sunshine song...

Me in my mushroom shirt and pastel pink 50s diner dress

I have had the most lazy day ever in the whole world today. And last night too. I should probably quit staring at the computer. I have that line that's like "HELLO, is it me you're looking for?" in my head. I don't know what's going on there. I always crave lazy days at home like crazy, and when I have them I actually hate them so much. THE WORST.

Soooo I was feeling like the laziest lard person alive but then I got my scrapbook out and felt a bit better. Below are the results of fun, relaxing yet still satisfying cutting and pasting this afternoon. In case you missed the first installment of this scrapbook - check out this long ago post http://www.minnagilligan.com/2012/03/dropping-a-bomb-im-artist.html 
Anyway the lyrics to Joni's 'You Turn Me On, I'm A Radio' are really important to me at the moment. I reckon that's gotta be one of my favourite Joni songs which is a pretty big statement for me. I'm also trying to get around to like collating some of my my American trip ephemera.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Time to dye

There is a town in north Ontario, with dream comfort memory to spare. In my mind I still need a place to go, all my changes were there.

How bored you must be of me reciting my dreams! I feel like telling people about our dreams is something we're all intrinsically compelled to want to do. Listening to other people talk about their dreams, however, unless you really love and care for the individual - is not. I think the reason we are compelled to tell people our dreams is because it is sort of our subconscious looking after us, telling the one's we love in a coded way, what we're feeling, even when we don't know ourselves really. Our dreams are our friends because they want everything to be okay for us. Do I sound insane? I think so. Anyway I'm feelin' pastel pink vibes and terrible LA Hotels with signs for 'Color TV' and bad D grade wax museums, and driving along looking out the window seeing only the smallest snippets of people's lives and then imagining their entire future.

This photo is just of some stuff in my studio. The time to dye thing is a macabre sort of title thing I cut out of a 70s instructional book on tye dying. I really like it or something.
All of the other images are from an amazing blog called 'Bad Postcards' http://www.bad-postcards.tumblr.com (I gotta say, I don't think any of the above are bad) Be careful, endless scrolling means you can get sucked in for hours...

Hope you dream well,


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Big Rock Candy Mountain

I have a few things to share!

One is this amazing dream that I had. This is what I wrote down after I woke up:

"Floating in the ocean, a really bright blue, crystal clear ocean. Floating on my back. 
blinding bright sun. I am very calm. As I gaze upward I see the bottoms of floating flowers in the air, large, about the size of a basketball, in my mind at the time I acknowledge them as roses, real roses with a kind of paper like petal that I can bend. I think that I have made the flowers by folding the petals particular ways, they are like lanterns. I register two specific ones, a large pink rose or magnolia one, and a blue one fashioned to look like an orchid. They float about half a metre above my head. I am conscious that my backpack is floating in the water some meters away from me, and it seems to be drifting further out to sea. I vaguely recall a shore, and vision myself attempting to swim back there but unable, my hands pushing the water behind me without achieving any significant movement. I'm still lying there, increasingly aware of the impossibility of being on earth again, and I sort of resign myself to the fact of this, and float on."

What's haunting me is that a specific song was overwhelmingly playing. I think it must have been playing in the real world on my radio, and it became a fundamental part of my dream. It was like a really transcendent, classical kind of intense song, that everyone knows, but I just CAN'T identify it with a title and artist! Oh man! It is actually so frustrating. 

I was SO productive in the studio today! Until I got a headache at like 3 o'clock and had to get a block of chocolate, STAT. I made the above collage plus heaps of new stuff that is way better than above and  will be soon be revealed!

I call this my 'Coal Miner's Daughter' outfit
New shoes. I can't say that phrase now without thinking of Leo from Twin Peaks. Oh boy
Corny photo of me in the approaching train breeze. 
I bought this skirt from Modcloth. It is so Carmen Miranda and I love it!
In the studio today. This collage didn't come to fruition but it made a nice photo
This wasp was crawling around my studio! I felt sort of sorry for it because it must have been really disorientated with all the colour. It liked yellow things. I thought it was going to die soon so I let it do what it wanted.
I think that's all I have to share. Mainly I felt so good working solidly in the studio today! Oh also, I was listening to Neil Young's 'Helpless' over and over and over again. I have this amazing rare version that is live from the early 70s I think and Joni Mitchell is singing back up, and he introduces her and stuff, it's so beautiful hearing her back Neil because their voices are actually really wild together, hers is like a vague angel in the background wailing or something and his has that falsely staunch fragility (it's very complicated) it is like you hear those cracks in his, whereas Joni is more heavenly and celestial. Anyway it's really nice.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Back in 5 minutes

I have just over an hour of work to go, what say you to that? I've even finished all my 'work', too, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to write a blog post while I am here with fast internet, what a luxury! Anyway, so turns out that I don't have a whole lot to say. I just ate a Yogo with m&m minis in it, which was delicious and the perfect afternoon snack. Now I'm eating strawberries to balance out that Yogo.

So as the previous post would suggest, I just finished my thesis, which is a small weight off. Now, I have two weeks to spend in the Studio, making as much work as physically and mentally possible for my assessment at the end of October. It's funny, I don't usually feel stressed about Studio assessment because I usually have made enough work and stuff, but this time it seems scary and even though I have a whole bunch of work none of it seems good enough or new enough for assessment, so I have this personal goal to make more. Luckily I work quite quickly, but I will still have to work really hard. PAINTING PAINTING PAINTING AHEAD. It'll be fun.

Although I know that my time at art school (VCA) is really coming to an end, it doesn't particularly feel that way. This will be the corniest thing to ever be said, so get ready, but I have this feeling like even after you leave VCA you'll always go there, in a way, like that experience will taint your entire life, a lens through which you will do everything else and make every other decision. I keep harping on about how excited I am to leave VCA, and I am, but truly I'm also a little nervous to be out in the world for the first time. What if I have nothing to do? What if I am a loser bum? These are all valid questions. I guess if I ever feel down I can just think about the VCA in my head and things won't be so bad, and I'm sort of half joking with that remark but not really. I guess what I mean by the VCA in your head is basically my friends, the fantastic community of artists that are living and working around me - if nothing else I know they will be around with some stupid jokes or some amazing painting. They're a good bunch. And of course, we need each other!

Also just so you know, a post-uni resolution for this blog is to POST MORE ACTUAL ART okay! So have faith, I will resume to posting drawings and stuff when I have more time on my old, withered, calloused hands.

Friday, October 12, 2012

This is it

I finished my thesis! I am going to hand it in on Monday. Below is a picture of the bound copies. Oh boy. I'm exhausted. Will give you a more concise/interesting blog post tomorrow I promise promise!

Monday, October 8, 2012

I was cautioned to surrender

Tell me lies later, come and see me I'll be around for a while.

I went to a party last night which was really fun! And my friends Georgie and Daniel and I went out for dinner before hand and ate an outrageous amount of delicious Lebanese food. During the day I worked at Daine Singer gallery in Flinders Lane, sitting Tony Garifalakis' show. I have been so busy lately! But sitting the show by myself with minimal distractions allowed me to spend some quality time with my thesis, and now I think I'm pretty much, almost, done. Gotta press print and say BIND and then hand that bad boy in.

Anyway so last night was really fun and we danced like the whole time to fun music. At the end of the night I started to give people manicures, with Anna's amazing nailpolish collection. They were the wildest manicures that anyone has ever seen. I gave myself one too... Then pretty soon after that it was time to go home and I went back to Georgie and Daniel's house and I was jumping around in the back of the car laughing so much at stuff because I was very drunk, and then Daniel put on a Leonard Cohen record and the heater maybe to get me to calm down and it was amazing and so fun! Then I went to sleep after I had a Facebook rampage at 3.30am with Georgie in the next room.

Today I admired my nails and went to Savers briefly. I got some stuff. My internet at home is really slow so I can't surf Ebay to relax tonight. Back to Uni tomorrow, with lots of work to do!

I bought a new top from Alice Euphemia, OH BOY!
Books from the OP Shop 

Okay so I got more nailpolish *around* my nails rather than on them, but once that rubbed off they don't look so bad!

My new top!