Thursday, September 13, 2012

Your name on a gain of rice

When I was in LA I was being a real tourist and went to Santa Monica Pier, which is a really super trashy, tacky and touristy pier lined with stalls selling a plethora of crap, this one that I found hilarious was 'YOUR NAME ON A GRAIN OF RICE'. It struck me as possibly the most useless souvenir ever to come into being thus it was hilarious. Anyway I did half seriously consider getting my name on a grain of rice but figured the amount of time it would take to get done, however long or short, would be a waste of time, so moved on.

This talk of names on grains of rice I thought related vaguely to something which is that the little 'band' I've been in for a while with Georgie and Jon Campbell has turned into a fully blown big band, with an interstate tour and recording session lined up in the near future. The best thing though is that we now have a NAME, that could be on a grain of rice, if I organized it, but the name of the band is PAMELA which happens to be my middle name. It's a great, funny sort of raunchy name (Pamela Anderson) and I really like it. Anyway see below for our theme song and keep checking back for updates on "GIGS" and other things that I can't say because I'm not cool enough. "JAM SESSIONS" ETC