Sunday, September 9, 2012

You wear it well

My friend Nellie lent me this book. IT IS TO DIE FOR. Below I have some pictures from it. 

Kinder Surprise on the way home from Jon Campbell's opening 
This picture and the one below are from a 70s book called 'Bright Ideas for the Home'

Jon Campbell for the free condom project 
A great image I found in a 1974 Nat Geo today "Boys Ugh"

I bought a whole bunch of magic eye books today... then wasted my whole afternoon
Too tired to write anything significant... Had a pretty good weekend, It went: work, art opening, work, art opening. Jon Campbell's show opened Saturday afternoon at Kalimanrawlins which was so fun. Had chips after with my friends. Got a Kinder Surprise on my way home. I'm so over the fact that it takes me so long to get home. It's really exhausting me at the moment. I'm so busy anyway and then to actually get home and get some rest is an activity in itself. I hate the monumentality of the journey. I want finger snaps to become a new mode of transport, you know, thinking of the place and snapping your fingers and being there, or like in Mary Poppins when they jump into the chalk drawing actually. That would be ideal.

Hoping for the some sunshine this week, some sleeveless shirt wearing and a few laughs.


  1. this is actually really nice to read

    also wish at the click of a hand I would arrive home... so many hours spent on trains

  2. AAAH the photos are so great!!! I just want to live in them.

  3. hell yeah that books to die for
    adding it to my amazon wish list