Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wild heart

♥ ♥ ♥

Today was the first day of Spring, and boy had I been craving it for a long time! I didn't see the season in exactly how I'd imagined ideally with blossoms and flowering magnolias and cloud puffs but it was sweet nevertheless. I'm a little disappointed though because I've still got winter hanging on hot like a fever, literally, I'm a little sick with a cold type thing and have a heavy blocked head and am very grumpy! I've had work the past two days and blowing one's nose with tissue after tissue sitting in the one spot at a desk isn't the most fun. My body's also aching because I very embarrassingly but admittedly gracefully slipped down some terrible stairs yesterday and I didn't think it was so bad at the time but I'm as black and blue as the Rolling Stones album. You guys I'm in a bad way!

This morning was lovely though and I left Louis' at the very absolute last second that I could before I had to go to work and I only ended up being about 6 minutes late, which was very impressive in the realms of my personal public transport achievements. My dreams last night were surreal and spooky, could be because I was told that the office I work in at Art Guide used to be a funeral parlor. I didn't get a lot of sleep.

I've been thinking about a few things since Bill Henson spoke at Uni on Thursday. I really enjoyed hearing him speak as I hadn't before, and he was generous and funny and I caught myself nodding furiously at his every word. As usual I didn't bring a pen or paper so I had to take very brief notes on my phone, this is what I got down...

"Longing is much more powerful than love" (Actually what I'd written said 'logging' instead of 'longing'..)

"There's an intimacy in lying on the carpet listening to your favourite piece of music" (In my irrelevant opinion, there was never a truer word spoken)

"Something powerfully apprehended but not fully understood" (No idea what this was in reference to.. but I guess I can figure something out for myself)

He is a good dude, into love and life and feelings. He said something else about how contemporary art today is scared of 'feeling', and he used my favourite word 'reverie' a few times which melted my heart. The great thing about being a romantic is that it's not hard to have an affinity with people who think similarly, despite what they think in that way about (does that make sense?)

One more real world thing before I shut up - on the off chance - does anyone out there reading this know a place in Melbourne (or around) that I can get my images printed on fabric? I've contacted a few places that claim to be into doing this but they have been less than helpful. Maybe someone's had it done before or maybe one of you owns or works at some place..? Anyway can't hurt to ask. I really need it real quick and pretty large scale.. anyway let me know via comment or email

Anyway I'm going to go back to listening to Saturday Night Party Time on Magic1278, tucked up in bed on my Saturday night.. oh boy Benny and the Jets just came on! This is wild!

A collage I done gone and made
And a sideways glance from grumpy sick me


  1. I hope you feel better today Minna. I don't personally know of any places that do it, but I have been entertaining that thought as well, and I was going to ask Dawn Tan because I know that she has had it done, and they looked absolutely amazing. I hope that that is helpful. xxxxxx

  2. Spring is here woo! I love your fluffy coat also.

  3. I have been completely obsessed with that YouTube wild heart rehearsal clip lately- Stevie nicks is amazing! I hope you feel better soon :)

  4. dear Minna, i think i've told you this before, but.... i sincerely love what you do, and so i thought i'd just tell you again, since it's always nice to hear that sort of thing.