Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Roving Woman

My boss and mate Tavi Gevinson was on the Late Show in the US last night, talking about the new Rookie yearbook! So exciting! On the front cover of the yearbook, sort of in the middle left, is a small section of a texta drawn rainbow, that I DREW, and you know, the front cover of the Rookie yearbook was on US National TV so like I'm totally a famous artist now you guys. Anyway so I got my yearbook and ROOKIE t-shirt in the mail yesterday which was pretty exciting. There is a sticker sheet in the yearbook that features my drawings, MADE INTO REAL STICKERS. DREAM COME TRUE.

SO YEP totally feel validated because my Rookie endeavors are no longer just pixels! Other stuff in my life other than inadvertently being on The Late Show is pretty boring. I'm finishing off my thesis and feeling good about it. Actually almost slightly proud of it. I've never written this much in my life although I'd be interested to know how many words I've compiled on this blog over the years. Should have just put all that junk together and called it a thesis. I feel like I'm cheating you guys because I haven't been posting drawings and collages and stuff like I usually do! Truth be told I haven't been doing a lot of them lately because I've been in the computer lab at Uni slaving away on the aforementioned thesis and on general life stuff. Life takes a lot of energy outta ya sometimes.

THE STICKERS. You can tell which ones are mine 
A sneak peak!
My thumb is next to my famous rainbow that was on TV... bet you're all SO IMPRESSED!


  1. woop so impressed! i watched a clip of the tv show segment today and i could tell jimmy was impressed also. well done

  2. Awesome! It's great that you got your copy! I'm still waiting for mine to arrive via my birthday!

  3. I can not wait to get my hands on this! x

  4. Mine arrived in the mail on the weekends! I must say that my favourite stickers are of your drawings <3

  5. Holy crap I am going to get those stickers and then stick them all over my face. I wish they were scratch and sniff or tasted like something like Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Congrats guuuuuuurl.

  6. Hey guys! Thanks so much for all your comments, I'm sorry i am so crappy at replying! I hope you like the yearbook and omg the stickers! I am too scared to use mine I wanna stick em in just the right spot you know!! haha Thanks for your love and support, it means a huge bunch to me! XXXXX Minna