Monday, September 3, 2012

I hope they get home alright

Okay I have a new obsession this one is serious. I told you last night I was going to watch the astronaut thing on SBS well it was called 'In the Shadow of the Moon' and it was amazing and I haven't stopped thinking about it since I watched it and bringing it up at any chance that I can with people who probably don't care about it and I couldn't even get to sleep last night because I was so excited thinking about astronauts. SO basically it lead me to form an absolute infatuation and admiration for one astronaut in particular on Apollo 11 that stayed in the spacecraft while Neil and Buzz walked on the moon - Michael (Mike) Collins. He is the absolute best guy ever, like so humble with profundities and light hearted and gave me this incredible idea of perspective on the world and life and stuff. I just love the sort of humor he bought to the whole thing, like he almost seemed to think it was kind of hilarious that they did it or something. It totally was luck though in the end I reckon, you know? I mean the largest plethora of things could have gone wrong but fate was kind.

Anyway Jethro Tull cited Mike as the most lonely person in the world or something when he was in the spaceship waiting the Neil and Buzz, in the song 'For Michael Collins, Jeffrey and Me' and in response to that he was sort of like "Oh I wasn't lonely, you know" or something so matter of fact and he is hilarious. He has absolutely no ego, which is so endearing I mean the man landed on the god damn moon.

♥ Marry me Mike Collins ♥

Yeah so I was planning on making a work as tribute to Neil Armstong (Cause he died you know, which actually was a big deal in my existence) but after *getting to know* Mike and feeling this kind of affinity with him, I've decided to make a work about him, or like for him, whatever that means, yep uh huh I bet that's more of an honour for him than sitting on the damn moon.

ANYWAY obviously I'm just joking and must be feeling better (the dreaded cold thing) ASTRONAUTS ARE SO COOL. I was thinking about some of the stuff in the movie how they talked about the vulnerability of earth just sort of suspended there in the sky, how rich with life it looked. I can't even begin to comprehend looking at everything you've ever known in a little ball far in the distance and being about to cover it with your thumb and stuff. Imagine being so far away from that! Incomprehensible. Imagine living with that experience!

I have a few issues, I know. It's 2012 and I'm just coming to terms with man on the moon. Yeah I dunno.

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  1. You should go to this:

    It's free, it's on Thursday and it's her debut collection, crafted around the idea of space tourism, the galactic virgin. She's also heavy into psychedelia and lots of colour, I think you'd dig it!