Thursday, September 6, 2012

I dunno he's always wearin' shades

Yesterday was really fun and I got to help Jon Campbell install his work at Kalimanrawlins gallery. We were hanging 85 of his tea towel works on the wall and it was funny but compared to other installs I've endured this one was an absolute breeze and lots of fun! Smiles all 'round. : ) Go see the show. Yesterday as well I got my new Leonard Cohen poster in the mail so I am happy that he's watching over me.

Today was a bad day. I was all flustered and late for class this morning and I've lost my Myki with $40 on it and in the mail I got a train ticket fine (that I didn't deserve) for $207 OH BOY AM I MAD. Anyway I'm also like oh man I have so much to do! And sitting here blogging about it isn't getting it done ya know. Self induced frustration nation! I have taken a liking to those Cadbury caramel chocolate bars so I got one this afternoon and it was really good. Best part of my day. Below are some pictures from the past few days. On Tuesday I had literally the best and most lazy day ever where my friends and I went to Heide art gallery for some art appreciation and picnic times. It was just GLORIOUS if I can say that. Now the weather has turned into a Wizard of Oz twister and it's terrible! My emotions do tend to go with the wind... ah we are ugly but we have the music.

My new Leonard poster. "Someone to watch, over me"

Above is a picture of my friend Priya's zine: 'Holy Waters Issue #1'. It's SO BEAUTIFUL and all in colour, with psychedelic drawings of mushrooms and hot babes and other cool stuff. It is amazing. You can buy it at Sticky Institute in Melbourne for a mere $4! It has a pink and orange gradient cover. Get it before they're all gone you guys! This is Priya's great blog

Mirka Mora by Albert Tucker! My favourite photograph they have at Heide
Pictures on my wall at home
New fabric that I bought on Ebay! I LOVE IT

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  1. Oh my gosh! You're from Melbourne!!! Me too;) it's so cool when you see people from where you're from because now I can totally go and buy your friends zone without having to move to America or whatever!!!!!!!!!

    That mushroom fabric is pure awesome! Also it sucks you lost your myki.