Tuesday, September 25, 2012


These are pictures of me in my studio today. I hardly did any work because at the moment I am totally incapable of concentrating on anything, it's really bad. When getting dressed today I was thinking about those women in the 30s and 40s who were really cool and powerful and would wear pants which at the time was pretty wild or something, and they looked amazing and feminine and they'd sit with their legs open and stuff and had subtly muscly arms you know.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. I keep having whales in my dreams, last time there was a mother whale and baby whale who kept beaching itself, and the mother whale kept having to sort of make a wave with the weight of it's body to cover the baby in water and float it back out to sea again. I was looking down on them from a great height, from the teetering edge of a cliff which is where I metaphorically am in many facets of my life right now. . . instead of dealing with this impending doom I'm listening to The Late Night Lounge on Magic 1278 and having a great time. They just played Willie Nelson's 'Blue Skies' which is my favourite version and I feel like that scene in Almost Famous that I reference every second blog post where they play My Cherie Amour while she's getting her stomach pumped not that I'm getting my stomach pumped in my room but I like really obvious and heart wrenching juxtaposition there, I reckon it's really powerful.


  1. Great song, and great top as well! It's very cute!


  2. Oh minna, you make me laugh. genuinely... maybe its because you write things i genuinely felt before/experienced. I too have had a dream about whales beached... i was trying to push them back to sea though... Very curious.