Monday, August 13, 2012

Sweet wonderful you

On Saturday night, Cheralyn, Jamie, Louis and I went to 'Famous Hot Pot' in China Town for well, one of their famous hot pots. The whole restaurant is steamed up from all the hot pots and it's foggy like a tropical country. The window has so much condensation on it that you can't see in. Anyway as my hair frizzed up we dove into a pretty wild hot pot with a whole bunch of miscellaneous meats not to mention vegetarian dumplings with prawns in them? (Yeah I think they messed up that one). It was a two flavor hot pot and I insisted on the blandest side as you can see in the below photo. To me it looked like a yin yang or something.

On Sunday Louis and I got a milkshake. Well I got a milkshake. A chocolate milkshake. I really enjoyed it! I also had time to stop in at Savers, and only I spent like 10 minutes there but I got the most amazing thing ever, which is, drum roll... a 1970s coat, almost exactly like Penny Lane in Almost Famous, with a hood and big fur cuffs and gold clasps at the front to do it up. It is so warm and totally to die for! A perfect specimen. It is from Target in the 70s and the label is so funny, it has the Target symbol in purple and lots of little Target symbols around it making a flower power flower. So good! I am going to wear it on Wednesday night, which is when our mid-year Honours show in the student gallery at Uni opens. I'm sort of excited, and I ended up being happy with my painting even if I rushed it monumentally this morning so much so that it wasn't even dry when it first got in the gallery. Sometimes the stuff I seriously pump out end up being the best stuff, and the stuff I labour over loses that freshness or something. C'est la vie.

Next to the bus stop I was waiting at
The wonderful pattern on a new top I bought at Savers
The (in)famous hot pot!
In a cave wearing my new coat

New outfit from Kinki Gerlinki oh my bank account has been suffering!
'DETAIL' (haha)


  1. I like your new coat. When I was obsessed with Almost Famous way back when, and I wanted like anything to be in the 70s, I bought a sherling coat from Jeans West and some faux fur, and sewed in onto the collar and sleeves, so I could be just like Penny Lane. My friends would laugh at me. I wish I still had that coat!

    1. Oh that's amazing!!! just West omg that's a blast from the bast! My Nanna did a similar thing for me, sewed fur cuffs onto a black jacket I had.. it was the 90s, it was cool, (Vaguely) XXX :) :)

  2. The coat is fantastic. All you need is a vintage tacklebox to carry your makeup around in like Penny does!