Monday, August 6, 2012

Paint it again Van

'It Ain't Me Babe' 2012 
'Paint it again, Van' 2012
'Peace in the valley (Just don't come)' 2012
Polk Salad Annie' 2012
Above are pictures of my absolute newest, hot off the press paintings! Most of these are in my show at DUDSPACE at the moment. Most of the titles are like song words or titles or something, but the 'Paint it again, Van' is this funny thing that references a joke that Joni Mitchell told during a 1974 concert. She says that like it's funny with musicians how you have to play songs over and over, everyone wants to hear it again and again, whereas if you were a painter all you have to do is do it once, and then it sits in a gallery or something. She goes on to say that people aren't all like to Van Gogh "Hey man paint starry starry night again!" and I thought about the Woody Allen movie called 'Play It Again Sam' and made it 'Paint It Again Van'. It's supposed to be funny and I wanted to explain that somewhere.

I'm at Uni because our internet at home is totally not functioning. I'm sitting on the couch that we have between my studio and Marc's studio, thinking about stuff. Suddenly I have a few things on the horizon, which is so great - I've tentatively got a new part time job at Art Guide which is a monthly Australian magazine about current exhibitions, galleries and artists. I'm really excited about this. Now that this job is within my reach, and I have a lot more work at the gallery, I'm feeling actually excited about next year (not being at Uni). Excited to get a studio and just be in the world. All I do at Uni is sit around eating chocolate and before I was watching Sister Act laughing with Georgie. "We've been here too long!"

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  1. I´ve always liked works but I have to admit recently I just LOVELOVELOVE them! Not sure what you´ll think of this - I think they are more dreamy now, kind of less aggressive..if that makes sense. Aggressive doesn´t have to be a bad quality either ;) I would hang the first three in my apartment. If I had one. xx