Sunday, August 5, 2012

I just want to hold you I don't want to hold you down

"Surry down to a stoned soul picnic"

I'm not sure entirely what 'surry' means. From some vague research I think it's to go somewhere with the expectation of having a good time. In that sense, it's a really great word. I must have surryed on down to the weekend too quick because I blinked and now it is over! Tomorrow is Monday again oh boy. The harder I hold on to these weeks the quicker they slip through my hands. I'm having too much fun.

The 'gig' at Conical on Saturday went really well! Jon, Georgie and I sung four songs: 'Yeah Yeah Yeah', 'Shit Creek' and 'Talk the Talk' by Jon Campbell, and 'Roller coaster' by Jonathan Richman. It was so fun! I actually really enjoy singing. Even my Mum came to watch which was nice. Usually singing is left up to my sister, who is studying music composition at VCA, but hey now I feel like I can do it too!

After Conical Georgie, Louis and I hung out for a bit. We got food and then went to an opening at Sutton. Then we went to the movies at Nova which I just love doing and hardly ever do. Then it was our friend Lotte's birthday so we went to her birthday party at the most amazing house ever which was my ultimate '70s dream. It was literally to die for. The entire house was wallpapered in this brown sort of baroque patterned paper, it was a rambling, huge house with rooms coming off long corridors. It was horror movie-esque with low ceilings and 'crying boy' paintings throughout the house and dim plastic chandeliers for light fixtures. There was an art deco clock in the lounge room that had stopped at 11.30. Oh god. It was seriously my dream!

What made it even more amazing is that, for the party, someone had bought 99 red helium balloons (referencing the song) and let them loose in the house.

On Sunday Louis and I absolutely REVELED in the fact that we had NOTHING TO DO and it was amazing and sunny, and I put the radio on Magic 1278 and we ate poached eggs. Then we got tea at 'Happy River Cafe' and I went to Savers and bought some great stuff actually. Below are all my phone pictures of my weekend plus my Rookie diary post for last week. I also made a playlist with the surry song on it so you get what I'm talking about. This playlist is exactly my weekend.

My stall at the Conical market 
99 luftballoons
The crying boy that FREAKED ME OUT

Annabelle and I partying
The band! Note the guitar that I decorated!
Creepy book I found at Savers
Download here:

1. Stone Soul Picnic - Laura Nyro
2. Hot Fun in the Summertime - Sly and the Family Stone
3. Born to Take the Highway - Joni Mitchell 
4. Feeling Sad Tonight - Carole King
5. Corinna, Corinna - Bob Dylan
6. Barbara Allen - Joan Baez
7. Simple Man - Graham Nash

"Can you surry? Can you picnic?"

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