Monday, August 20, 2012

Dialin the number who's bound to love you

Oh gee, nothing of any real relevance has been happening, I'm really hungry right now oh boy. I can't wait to eat dinner. My Dudspace show 'Not In Kansas Anymore' is finito and I have some photos to show you. I just really have to work on getting my Dad to help me get the big paintings outta there, that's the kinda stuff I put off. The sort of physical activity, actually picking up my monstrosities of paintings and taking them somewhere else is such a drag. It's great when you don't have to move anything anywhere but ya know if you wanna get out in the world sometimes you have to.

Yesterday was so great, and I ended up not really doing a whole lot. In the afternoon I attempted to bake a flourless chocolate cake, because Louis was going to cook soup and I wanted to feel like I contributed to the meal in some way. I looked up the recipe online and it only had four ingredients! So I got really excited thinking it would be really easy but I didn't read the method, which is a vital part to a recipe. It involved whisking egg whites and the yolks and doing a whole bunch of other weird stuff and we don't have an electric beater so I had to use a like soup musher thing, and then just when I was almost done I spilled the bowl and most of the egg whites went everywhere so I just had to use what I had and then the cake was flat and basically just chocolate sugar and butter which is pretty full on but it didn't taste too bad except for being really dense. It wasn't a hit though so now I'm really determined to make a really good one next time. And that's the boring story of my Sunday cake. We ate it with chopsticks watching Twin Peaks. I am getting really into it!

Today I just rushed around doin boring stuff, I'm not spending a lot of time in the studio lately, I guess it has just worked out that I have stuff to do outside there for a while which is sort of good. I'm actually looking forward to being out of VCA next year! It's a great place but too much of a good thing ya know!

By the way I've said this here before but I have Instagram and I'm totally addicted it's shameful. If you wanna follow me my user name is minnagilligan


  1. Your new blog background and theme are really beautiful--I'm digging them a lot!! I wish that I could have gone to your show, it looks amazing! Great job! :)

    1. Thanks heaps Katy! There were a few glitches this morning but I think it's all working now, yay! It's a little less intense which I like :) Ah and the beauty of the blog is I can post pictures of my show and you can pretend you went! :) Have a lovely day and thanks for your comment xoxox Minna