Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Creeque Alley

Above are photos of what I wore on Monday I was pretending it was 1966 although I don't know if Rolling Stones badges would really have been out then but ya know, artistic license and stuff. I haven't been blogging a lot lately because I've found myself caught up in real life equally doing lots of things like working and organizing and nothing things like eating burgers drinking wine and lying on the couch with Louis, all things which make for a perfectly balanced life. I've been working hard in the studios the past couple of days, finishing off some work for Urban Outfitters that I'm desperate to show and tell about but I just can't, yet. But it's really exciting oh!

My new 1960s chain belt that I love!
New fabrics I found for painting on, my collection is growing rapidly
Working progress/general mucking around

Dream Ebay shirt
I promise to be more exciting soon! I just feel like I'm gettin' old ya know! Settling down: for example not partying as much, thinking about a 'career', work, money. What is this!? Come Spring I hope to have some of my spring back. Until then.

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