Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bad moon rising

*This was written and posted yesterday but it didn't show up!...
Tonight on my way home I got stuck on a broken down, pitch dark train for 50 minutes. Finally to get off the train we had to jump two meters down to the ground, onto those terrible train track rocks - and walk along the tracks until we finally reached the station. It wasn't very Stand By Me or anything. I hated it.

Anyway I've been fuming about this all night and it has distracted me from thinking about stuff worthwhile. Last night I went to art openings and had heaps of fun, there was a student opening at Uni and an opening at Louis' space 'Knight Street'. The photos above of me looking super uptight in my mushroom shirt were taken by Gonzalo, when the festivities were over. I just love hanging out with my friends and chewin' the fat.

Profundities are not going to come tonight, I don't think - my eyes are heavy and begging permission to close.. . . . ... . . ... . . 

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  1. Ahh love all the mushrooms!

    Minna, I think you should organise a Melbourne Rookie meetup, seeing as you are officially affiliated with Rookie and all :) It would be super duper awesome.