Tuesday, July 3, 2012

You're alright at letting nice things go

Above, essentially how I feel about Atticus Finch. In other news I've come down with a cold, that's clogging up my brain and making me go crazay(er) than usual, it's a real drag-a-rama. I'm loving just hanging out in the studios occasionally picking up a paintbrush but for the most part sitting around eating Kit Kat and talking to Georgie. It's so fun even if I have to keep using tissues.

Tonight is a full moon. This may also account for some of the aforementioned craziness. Full moons are my favourite though because when I walk home in the dark, they actually create shadows, and real deviations in the darkness. Where I live it's really dark, I'm talking no street lights and a dirt road, so walking into the depths of the valley can at times be intimidating. When it's a full moon though, the road is lit subtly and guides me through. I almost look forward to walking home when it's a full moon. You can sort of see what I'm talking about in the lousy Iphone picture below. Hey I can't watch scary movies but I can walk home down that ominous murderers lurking in the bushes looking road!

I really love Shelley Duvall, and I've definitely talked about that here before, but I wanted to talk about a specific thing which is when she plays Olive Oyl in the 1980 movie 'Popeye' with Robin Williams, and she chirps/sings 'He Needs Me' and I find it totally brilliantly moving and haunting actually. I love how she is actually genuinely spacey and creepy, and out of this world, like it's not contrived or something and her entire look with those eyes and waifness is totally indicative of her personality. Kind of like Diane Keaton who I love too. There's an honesty in their acting because it's hard for them to avoid sort of playing themselves to some degree if that makes any sense. They aren't a blank canvas for like a whole character to be projected upon them, they don't have a generic face, or a generic way of delivering things, you can see some of the real life person there too. I love love love that. Anyway this post is such a mish mash. Look out your window at the moon while listening below. Some weird shit might happen.


  1. I have sat and read through your entire blog, you are so great!

    1. Ohhhh my god!!! You're amazing/I feel so bad for you, I'm so sorry!!! Haha But thanks though how lovely! I'm talkin' to someone!! XXXXXXX Minna :)