Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ready 2 Go

I am ready to go to a dinner party! My new favourite thing in the whole world is this coat that I'm wearing. I got it from Savers for $20, it's a 60s woolen coat and has the best collar ever, and it's so warm and has changed my life. I was really inappropriately dressed for the cold one day and I was like "RIGHT" this is serious I am getting a serious coat. It is amazing! Anyway don't have a lot to say right now just killin' time until the tram really... I've been at work all day and excited for a glass of wine and fun times! X Minna


  1. Hey do we have Savers in Australia? Or is it just Melbourne?

    1. I *think* there's a Savers in South Australia?? Look up on their site I'm not 100% sure! There's a whole heap around Melb. Hope there's one near you!!! : :) :) :)