Saturday, July 7, 2012

Maiden Voyage

Last night on the way home from an opening I got Hungry Jacks, a cheeseburger and fries, to be exact, and ate it on the train like one of those people I always shudder at. It was great and I enjoyed every second. Then when I got home Titanic was on TV!

I love the movie Titanic but I hate it when the boat sinks. I find it so unbearably tragic. The person I get most told who I look like is Kate Winslet in Titanic. This is very silly because I reckon people only tell me that because I have red hair, and wear red lipstick, and look intense all the time. I actually hate it when people are all like "YEAH everyone says I look like this famous babe person" and the person they're saying this to is like "Cough uh cough.. yeah, totally...!" sarcastically in their heads. I like Kate Winslet though ya know especially when she does that ballet thing in the movie and goes right up on her toes. Now I can't do THAT.

This weekend is going to be a boring weekend. I can see it happening already. I watched Titanic on TV, on my Friday night even though I have it on video and could watch it without the ads. There's something nice about watching a movie on TV with the ads though and it goes real late and you're falling asleep but you have to stay up because you feel like you can't just play it again tomorrow. At 1.13am last night I was up a-cryin ma eyes out because the boat sank, and Jack died (!) , and that Captain guy died when he locked himself in the cabin and heaps of other people died. It's so sad arghahrghrahgha. I remember when I was like I don't know 7 or something and Titanic came out and Mum and Dad went to the movies to see it, which was a big deal for some reason. The moral of this story is that some people go to the movies sometimes and that I stayed up too late last night and may be typing this still with some Titanic tears in my eyes!


  1. if your ever bored around the cbd you should go into magnation (head to the top floor) where there's a thought provoking conspiracy mag called uncensored which has a fascinating article about the titanic & why it really sunk... with fucking strong evidence to back it up

    1. Dude I love mag nation!!!! That magazine sounds amazing and just my kinda thing! I will have to drop buy and get it! XXXX Minna