Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It Ain't Me Babe

Above is the 'OUTFIT' that I wore today (I find outfit pots to be incredibly gratuitous if I'm doing them myself but I love reading them on other people's blogs so that's why I occasionally persevere) Anyway the top is this ORIGINAL 70s silk thing which is AMAZING, I very rarely find things from the eras I like in nice fabric. Anyway this is perfect. And the skirt is this like gold bronze coloured thing from Kinki Gerlinki.  

Today was another productive day WOW. I got my invitations for my exhibition from the printers today, SO EXCITING! I have 200 of them. I really should have counted the amount of friends I have before printing, I have like 3 friends so I'm going to have about 197 spare invites, so if you want one please be like "HEY CAN I HAVE ONE OF THEM THERE INVITES" and I'll be like "Yes sir they're weighing me down here!" Anyway I'm not funny. This is the Facebook event page if you wanna be like attending on Facebook, which will be so fun I reckon if you click attending. http://www.facebook.com/events/137533679718163/

In other news nothing else in my life is interesting. I am having heaps of fun in the studios though because my friends have been there heaps. Today Georgie and I were talking about people and things and she said: "He tries his darnedest" which is such a great saying, and I hadn't really recognized it as so until now. Heaps of people I know try their damn darnedest and I just love them for it. Officially the most endearing quality in a person, trying their darnedest!


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  1. the outfit is beaut. and so are the postcards