Monday, July 30, 2012

"I wish you were beside me, we can make it if we try"

Back in the studio today wearing my new 60s red dress and daydreamin' about stuff. Right now I'm in the mindset that every day that I live, is one day closer to Spring which is closer to Summer. I just want long days and to be squinting into the sun and clammy foreheads. What a winter it's been though, so many new things, even a brief northern hemisphere getaway! (Okay so I can't complain too much). Listening to Joni right now, feelin' pretty good I think. Looking up 70s zodiac memorabilia on the internet. There comes a time in the middle of the year when you sort of realize that you're on the other side of the beginning and it begins to turn into the end and that it isn't almost over, but it's heading there at a hurtling rate. It's almost August and I'm still thinking about March like it was yesterday, like that party we went to the other week (in February) that show I was in that opened in March... is getting to be a while ago.

The sweet and slippery sands of time are so fascinating. The circle game, so busy being free...


  1. that is the most perfect dress! joni is magical and 70's zodiac stuff sounds pretty fantastic too. I feel the same way you do about time.

  2. Oh I absolutely love your mushroom shirt!