Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I look at all the people and I love the ones I can

Above are some very recent pictures from my studio. It is out of control on a lot of levels. I am in the midst of hanging and preparing for my show at DUDSPACE. I am very busy but it's okay, in my spare time I'm finally finishing off reading 'Girls Like Us' and coming up with titles for my work, which I think may actually be the most fun ever because I get to listen to my favourite songs for inspiration/lyrics to directly steal but by steal I mean reference or something. I'm digging a deeper hole.

Also I did an interview about my show for The Thousands! I had the best fun with these questions and got to talk about stuff I wanted to e.g my dog, outfits, etc. Here is the link:
this really does have to be the last of my 'press' related posts otherwise you guys will stop reading and I won't blame ya one bit! Also please don't be scared by that second picture of my studio. I know it looks terrifying but I've got everything pretty much where it needs to be which actually is a good metaphor for my entire life. WOAH. "Everything pretty much where it needs to be" is actually really optimistic or something, an unusual contrast to the last post down there! Must have been all your lovely comments!

The best past of my day today was when I got to get a Kit Kat. It tasted especially amazing and I don't know why. Something's in the air...

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  1. OMG! Childcraft Encyclopedia! My mum blessed an opshop somewhere with our set when I wasn't looking some time in the last 15 years and I still haven't forgiven her.
    (Also, I like your art. And stuff.)