Saturday, June 2, 2012

You know something's happening but you don't know what it is


This weeks Rookie Diary post
Me and my new eye earrings from the Flea Market in Astor Place
Time for a corny holiday shot at Rhode Island
The 'Mark Twain burger' that I scoffed down
My new plattys (Platfoms) and my Aunt's house in Connecticut  
The Kit Kats in this country are terrible
But, the stickers are AMAZING

Gustav Klimt 
William Holman Hunt 
Bridget Riley
Frank Stella!

Okay this was amazing. It is like an abandoned original 60s diner. It was on the outskirts of Hartford, Connecticut. I couldn't get a good shot but you can sort of get the idea. I would have loved to get out but my Aunty had us in the car with the doors locked cause you don't wanna get mugged and stuff you know! I was the only red head in a ten mile radius and I was VERY conspicuous with my pink halter neck top on. Should have thought through that one.

In my Aunty's beautiful house in Connecticut, it was built in 1788!
The postcard I bought of Mark Twain

Greetings dear readers from 'The Road' in which I am ON, you'll be so glad to hear I'm still having a great time on my whirlwind trip to New York and surrounding areas. Tomorrow I am going to Boston for my Aunty's wedding! While I will be staying there only one night I'm hoping to squeeze in the art museum and a ride on a Boston tram.

Today I went to Mark Twain's house, that unfortunately he doesn't still inhabit and hasn't for a while. I really enjoyed it even though we had to go on one of those corny tours where you like can't use flash photography and stuff. This was in Hartford, Connecticut. Apparently the house was haunted too which I was really into, and I kept annoying the lady asking questions about that rather than if the curtains were original or not.

The other day I went to Savers in Manchester, and it wasn't really anything special. I bought a few things there and at thrift stores and stuff around New England but honestly, I really think I would come across better things in one trip to the Savers 20 minutes from my home. It's actually really disappointing! I thought the States would be 'thrifting' heaven. So far, quite the contrary!

I want to end with a story of this amazing thing, I was driving with my Aunty to somewhere (probably Savers) and on the side of the perfectly manicured but country highway in Storrs, Connecticut were like 5 men and women in their 70s, quite elderly (One was even in a wheel chair!) They were just standing in a line at the side of this pretty deserted road, holding badly hand-painted signs that said stuff like 'Wave for peace' and 'We are against war' and stuff. Motorists driving past would wave to show their support. This is really the most hopeful thing I have seen in so long. It is the spirit of the 60s man! My Aunty says they do it every week night and that they come down from the retirement village. Talk about 'power to the people!', I just love that.

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