Saturday, June 9, 2012

"Thanks for the memories"/California I'm coming home

Tiff and I went to a terrible real life New York diner with booths and a musty neon sign for breakfast on my last day in the city. It was so great, and I was craving that 'authentic' experience. It couldn't have gotten more authentic with the mid-50s overweight waiter asking us "where you gals from?" and similarly "So ya got a boyfriend?". I could have stepped back in time. New York city takes people watching to an all new level. I spent a lot of time on the Upper East side because that's where I happened to be staying - and I particularly loved the women who walk those streets, probably in their 70s - dressed up absolutely immaculately with large Jackie-O glasses and head scarves and pressed pastel dress suits. They always wear heels which I just love. Those women are incredible. They have standards and expectations of themselves in regards to presentation that is unfaltering. I really admire that.

Now I'm in Los Angeles and I flew in over the vast twinkling mat of lights listening to Russell Morris' 'The Real Thing' (Not entirely sure of it's appropriateness considering my holiday is kind of coming to and end) I'm with my Dad and my sister now in a luxury hotel on the 'Avenue of the Stars'. I am wearing a robe with the hotel's emblem emblazoned on the breast pocket and I couldn't be happier. The view we have is surreal, last night the moon was half, huge and orange, sitting low over the wide LA skyline we can see in the distance. It's beautiful here but in a different way to New York, I feel good because home is a little closer, and I just can't wait to get back into the studio refreshed and rejuvenated. In the meantime I'm going to have a buffet breakfast and use the 'gym facilities'. I will be back in Melbourne on Monday morning at 8.30, I have the whole day to go to Savers!

This was a work out of a children's exhibition at the Guggenheim
Rachel Harrison at Greene Naftali, AMAZING. Tiff is wearing the headphones!
Rachel Harrison
Rachel Harrison
I saw my FAVOURITE PAINTING EVER at MoMa. 'The Piano Lesson' by Matisse! This was a heart fluttering moment for me.

Dog in backpack on the subway
More and better photographs are coming soon, including photographs of the afformentioned diner. I have been using film cameras that I will get developed when I get back!



  1. ooh i really like all of this!!! especially the first one :)

  2. wow absolutely amazing! everything is so inspiring :3