Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Terrible tourist photos of various places in the US and me at various places in the US

At the Getty in LA
Rhode Island
In the *Upper East Side* apartment in NYC

Tutti Frutti at the Diner

Breakfast *with* Tiffany
Tiff and I at the Chelsea Market
The psychic in Melrose! AMAZING
A Chelsea market mountain of food
The house where they filmed the Great Gatsby with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow in it in the 70s

Me behind an AMAZING Felix Gonzalez-Torres work at the Boston Museum of Art

Cacti at the Getty LA
Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Swam boats in Boston
The beautiful Tiffany
Admiring the Gugg
I remember you well in the Chelsea hotel
Cactus Garden at the Getty

Tarot times at Santa Monica
Louise Smith this one's for you! Savers in Manchester, Connecticut 


  1. So awesome to see these photographs and spot a few places i've been in the past few months, I'm currently sitting in a Walmart carpark in Denver feeling all nostalgic for the West Coast. You're travelling outfits are amazing. Those Gold pants.... You fox!

    1. Ohh yay! I love it when people call it the West Coast, so romantic! And thanks dude! The gold pants are my new favourite thing everrrrrrrr!!!! THanks for your comment XX Minna

  2. WOAH I was in a lot of those places too, not long ago! What on earth were you doing in so many places at once? I'm a big sucker for the West Coast, your photos take me backk

    1. Haha My trip was a total whirlwind! I went to so many places...! Boston, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, LA, ... my Aunt lives in Connecticut so that's why I was there for a little bit, I went to a wedding in Boston, I stayed in NY for most of the time and went to LA on the way home. We did a road trip to Rhode island from Connecticut one day :) I was very very busy!!! But it was great. And ohh I'm a sucker for the West Coast too!!! :) :) :) XXX Minna