Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On the road again

I can feel my time in New York coming to an end... I'm trying to fit as much as I can in the remaining two days. I have been hanging out with my friend Tiff heaps and we have been having a great time, I in particular have been doing a lot of shopping... money is slipping through my fingers like never before. I will have to do a whole post on all the things I have bought here because I am a huge sucker.. I mean consumer.. I mean...

Today is the day for MoMa and it's funny actually that this has come around again, the last time I was at MoMa was when I was 15 and really saw some incredible art for the first time and actually SAW it you know, and appreciated it, and was pretty astounded by it. Six years ago almost exactly I was wide eyed and just beginning to see the world. Now I still have that wonder with a little more wisdom under my belt - art school, experiences... I did an interview for Urban Outfitters while I have been over here, on the work I did for their Summer Surf collection. I talked briefly about early influences and tried to nicely hint that the questions about surfing were sort or irrelevant. They have been great to work with though. Get your hands on the Surf catalogue to see my work, in the meantime the link to the interview is below. I will be in LA for two days before I go home. I am looking forward to a more relaxed pace, perhaps a laze by the pool at least once on this 'holiday'. Until then


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