Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Want a quick sick rampage?

Red, white, blue's in the sky -
summer's in the air and baby, heaven's in your eyes. I'm your National Anthem.

The above two photos are by Tara Violet Niami, she took them when we met up in LA! I just love them because the colours are to die for and I look really worried about something. Tara has a tumblr you can visit here: http://breathingvioletfog.tumblr.com/ They remind me of American pastel patriotic hotel where celebrities have died vibes and seem fitting as Lana Del Rey's film clip for 'National Anthem' has come out, um it's amazing and I can't stop watching it and I love it and wish I was her in it. 

Oh man. I'm so annoyed cos I wrote this huge post on Sunday about how I ate Japanese and drunk too much wine and partied with my friends all weekend but then it didn't save or something and it got real late and I simply could not muster the strength to write it all again cos of all that partying. On Sunday I had the biggest lard day ever, where my friends and I got up in the afternoon and had breakfast for lunch and lunch for dinner, and sat in the one spot for hours shootin' the breeze, until the day slipped away and it was the evening again and time to go home. I've been doing that a lot lately, lazing about in bed and chatting idly with my buddies, it feels great and reminds me of first year when we didn't have any responsibilities like proper jobs or exhibitions or serious art to make and our lives revolved entirely around each other so we could afford to spend post-party days just hangin' out debriefing and eating and laughing makin' memories. I used to love that and still do when the occasion sporadically arises.

My friends from high school came over tonight and we laughed a lot as usual. I made dinner which was fun and we ate American 'candies' that I bought back from my trip. We also took funny pictures on photobooth and tried to get my dog to stay still enough to get in them. It was funny and I enjoyed laughin and everything okay this was so much more succinct the first time I wrote it and it wasn't 1.28am (My friend's are party animals okay!) and like ah. I'm going to watch Mary Poppins now *comfort movie* as I go to sleep. Enjoy the below irrelevant pictures. :)


  1. i loooove those photos of you! what you are wearing is fantastic. happy july 4th and enjoy your american candies!

    1. Awwh gee thanks! Happy fourth of July to you too! I ate wayyyyyyy to much hershys uhh ohhh! But oh so delicious. XXXX Minna xox :)

  2. What a beautiful post! I love those psychedelic tropical feast pants!
    By the way, I linked you from my blog: www.katiapellicciotta.blogspot.com