Monday, June 11, 2012

Home Again - Carole King

"I always wanted a real home, with flowers on the windowsill - but if you wanna live in New York City, honey ya know I will"

I am home again. This negates the sentiment of the aforementioned song but it was relevant just a couple of hours ago. My Nanna always comments on the length of the flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne with "It's a long way" and by gosh it sure is. I feel like this may be a long post, like the long flight, and you're all going to be cringing thinking: "This girl has too many.. feelings" but keep in mind it is in combination with jet lag eventuating from crossing three time zones. If this post is long hopefully also it will keep me awake, at least until dinner time!

I have goosebumps because it's so cold, and I can hear  cockatoos calling to one another from tree to tree. I am definitely home and definitely glad to be here. It is no secret that I am a bit of a homebody, and I find refuge in the familiar and in routines. I feel like it's very daggy to admit that but whatever. It's like "You can take the girl outta the country but you can't take the country outta the girl" Not that I live entirely in the country but I do live far out, with a rather large buffer zone between me and the happenings of the city and even its surrounding suburbs. Living in a city is especially foreign to me, especially New York City. The rather short time I spent away was enough for me or something. Which is guess is fine, everyone is different. (SO PROFOUND)

I've laid out all my souvenirs on my bed and I don't mean to brag or anything like you know but I got some really nice things including peanut butter M&Ms and a set of the 'Worlds tiniest tarot cards' which are AMAZING and so useful. (Okay I am a sucker for knick knacks and touristy stuff. But nice touristy stuff, sort of) On my last day in LA and in the States I met up with the lovely Tara who is a photographer at Rookie among many other things. She was an amazing little tour guide and we went to like the most mind blowingly amazing retro shops in Melrose. Vintage shopping in LA lived up to the expectations I had for the States. I got some amazing stuff. As you may have gathered this post is just about stuff. I'm just going to post pictures of the stuff I got now.

This is a picture of me that Tara took when we were out in Melrose! This fortune telling place looked AMAZING, and Tara took some photographs of me out the front! It was really fun.

An original Addam's family trading card!
The Tiniest Tarot set!
A Chloe dress I got at a thrift store 
Top from Search and Destroy in NYC
Skirt from Search and Destroy in NYC
A pizza purse! 
Earrings from a vintage store on Melrose Avenue in LA
Temporary tattoos from a party store in NYC, they had a whole section dedicated to 60s and 70s dress up, and I went a bit wild. Luckily Tiff was there to restrain me.
Palmistry instructions from Necromance in Melrose. An AMAZING shop.
Original 60s badges from Necromance in Melrose
Corny Jackson Pollock scarf from the Guggenheim 

I figured the rest were pretty self explanatory..


  1. Oh yes, shopping on Melrose was mighty fun esp the vintage stores like American Vintage - i happened to score an old varsity jacket with "Steve" embroidered on it and button-up bell bottoms which are now the pride of my wardrobe!

    1. Yes OMG American Vintage changed my life!!! I couldn't believe how big it was and how cheap. AMAZING. We would pay at least double or more in Australia for the same stuff. Crazy!!! I wish I could go back!! XX

  2. I actually drove on Route 66 in Arizona!!! Couldn't figure out why it's so famous but it was a buzz nonetheless!

  3. STUFF!!! YES!!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  4. hmmm it's funny, I just thought the same thing last night, how much I love living in the country, further out than the suburbs. cockatoos singing their night songs as the last of the pink was eaten by atmosphere.
    I love it. which direction of the city do you live? in two weeks I move to russia and I honestly don't know how I'm going to cope. I love it here so much.