Saturday, June 9, 2012

Golden Afternoon/Gold Digger/Golden Ticket/Golden Slumbers/Golden Years

Gee sorry to bother you again today, you can totally tell I'm in LA because I've slowed down so much that I have time to actually air my thoughts here like I usually do. I just wanted to tell you about a few things number one are my new gold pants which are my LA pants even though I bought them in New York because they are so perfect for the vibes here. They actually glisten in the sun. GLISTEN! I was at the Getty museum today and there were like 500 school children who were really hyperactive and irritating me immensely until the cutest girl came up to me and told me she liked my pants, then they were adorably irritating. Kate Wolf was wrong when she sung "There's no gold, I thought I'd warn ya.." Or maybe 'gold' was a metaphor for something else, WOAH.

The fortune telling woman was on Santa Monica pier, which is TERRIBLE and seedy and touristy and awful, but good to experience nonetheless I suppose mainly because I saw her. I went there last time I was in LA and I love how it hadn't changed at all, like the shops still sell the same junk and the people are still as irritating - approaching you with parrots hanging off their mouth by their beaks and stuff. I just got changed into a gold dress to go out for dinner, and I'm feeling like the woman who dies by being suffocated with the gold paint in the James Bond movie Goldfinger because they're in a hotel like I am and everything. I've had some hilarious taxi drivers. Today one of them said "See that freeway over theire? Itsa parking lot!" And I found that really funny. The McDonalds golden arches are bigger over here, and they've served "billions and biillions". Hotels are painted pastel colours, I'm squinting into the sun and smog. I flit fickly between loving and hating this place, between believing in the authenticity of the gold, and not.


  1. sounds cool! and hahah "adorably irritating" awwww
    the gold pants are pretty awesome though, for sure :) and your AA crop top is super cute too :)

  2. Those pants are ridic! Miss you lots! xxx!!!

  3. Golden girl. Can't wait to see you. xxxxxx

  4. That shot of the building with the flowing lined overhang and shadows and the pink flower beds is a beautiful picture...Wow! You're holiday shots are so great Minna! x