Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Been around the world and I, I, I, I can't find my baby

These are some drawings from my sketch book. I'm feeling very art lost at the moment, which is bad, but as I always say when worst comes to worst just get out your sketch book and do some drawing, even if they're terrible. I'm going to a 90s party on the weekend and I'm so excited! At the moment I'm re-discovering a whole plethora of dance appropriate 90s songs that I can't wait to boogie to, I feel a playlist coming on, even maybe a whole entire 90s post, woah!

Other than impending weekend fun nothing much else is happening, this is one of those boring weeks where I feel a little lost because I'm on holidays without routine. I have lots of shifts at my gallery job coming up in the next few weeks, I'll be working like 4 days a week some weeks, so that will be good and I'll be busy. Even though I'm kind of here twiddling my thumbs I'm still avoiding my inbox, I have a bad habit of doing that, that I just can't kick! It might have something to do with the Venga Bus coming.

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