Monday, May 14, 2012

You ain't goin' nowhere

When I was younger my Dad would do this thing, albeit very rarely - when he would get up in the morning and while we were eating our cereal about to get ready for school he would theatrically declare it a 'public holiday' so we would get to take a day off and hang around home or go with Dad to work or something. I would jump around on the couch screaming with my sisters and be like "YEAH! WOO!" It was so fun. It doesn't happen anymore, obviously, but my friend Craig has this term called a 'Mental Health Day' which is kind of the same thing. I think I took a mental health day today, I still had to do work though given my last entry and my looming deadline so I alternated bursts of writing with a trip to the Op Shop and snack times (KIT KAT) and brief Youtube times (JOAN BAEZ).

I really needed today actually, to not talk to anyone and not wear anything special and not wash my hair and stuff, it was so great. My own company is far too satisfying, which could potentially turn me into a studio/bedroom/internet/op shop hermit in the future. I have to face the world tomorrow though and I do feel ready to do that which is great. In fact I'm even a little bored of my mental health day... hello..? Anyone?

Above is a retro jeans patch thing that I got today. It's so cool and frayed and stuff. Below also is a work that I collaborated on with Petra Collins, she took these amazing photographs for Rookie in April and I got to collage with them! So fun. The whole series is going up on the Ardorous very soon so keep a look out!


  1. I already am a studio/bedroom/internet/op shop hermit. Woops. It's pretty fun though.

    1. Haha ohhhh me too, it is a trap but yes a fun one at that... livin' in my own world oh the possibilities ! XXX Minna