Monday, May 21, 2012

We'd talk about it all knight long

Last night I had the most incredible dream that I think went all night, and it was so beautiful - I found three perfect butterflies on the ground, with lengthy, iridescent orange and blue wings. I was in a rambling woodland clearing and in amongst the mounds of long, soft yellowing grass was an overabundance of wild flowers and orchids. There were two little girls who were doing handstands over and over again which I'm sure has some profound symbolic significance that I am ignorant of. I was very far away from home and with a faceless someone who meant a lot to me. We were staying in a hotel I'd been in before. The space was one long, dank room that had bunk bed after bunk bed. The windows looked directly out onto a bustling alleyway and they had no curtains. Everyone could see inside our room. It was perpetually sunset in the woodland. In the hotel it was perpetually dark.

I do maintain it is terrifically boring when someone begins to relay to you a dream they have had. Also, it is tackless in a sense that you're practically wrapping up all your deepest psychological fears and desires and giving them to someone to do with what they wish. So I totally understand if you're yawning from the above paragraph. Sorry for putting you through that, and please don't use any of my perhaps now apparent weaknesses against me.

I'm leaving (God bless America) in T-minus three days. I am very unprepared! I didn't even have a suitcase until today. But it's okay. I'm just going to try and go with the flow a little y'know, I mean all I really have to do is get to the airport on Friday morning, it's not that hard. I have some American money now, how exciting! Also I'm supposed to be young and freewheelin' so like logistics are so irrelevant.

The market and movie night (knight) yesterday at Knight Street was really fun! I ended up giving a lot of my clothes to my friends rather than selling them which actually was heaps better. I just need to get rid of so much stuff. I think we are going to make the market thing happen like once a month, which will be amazing in terms of keeping my clothing ah *collection* under control and circulating more readily. I will definitely let you know a little more in advance when the next one will be. Thanks to everyone who came along! I only took one photo because I am hopeless. This is Louise and Luella and Jo's stall. It was totally the best one, I got the pair of pastel blue Converse shoes for walking around New York. Oh and hey look more pictures from my collaboration with Petra Collins: See the full series here:


  1. that shape picking up the yellow dress is me, thanks for letting me know bout your sale :)

    1. Oh what a coincidence! Gee thanks so much for coming! :) What a lovely shape! haha XX Minna