Saturday, May 5, 2012

This was odd because it was the middle of the night


Last night I helped out a friend who is in a band, by selling merchandise like records and CDs at their gig. I got to work with my friend Sophia so it was pretty fun. The band is called 'The Royal Jelly Dixieland Band' and they're really fantastic. Dixieland is a very early style of jazz music that was developed in New Orleans - I think it was mainly popular in the 1920s. With this in mind I wore a delicate sequined top and my big leopard skin print fur coat attempting to look somewhat 20s/30s glamorous which was challenging coming from a full day of Uni. 

Anyway at our 'merch' table we had a little dim lamp and the band members had suits and bow ties on and before they played we all had drinks and were sort of standing around under the yellow light leaning casually on the table and an Ella Fitzgerald record was playing on the speakers and I honestly felt like I could have gone back in time. It was the yellowed almost sepia light shining through glasses of beer and the sentiment of the music and the clothes and maybe just how I was feeling. This was the perfect environment for my sentimental daydreams of which I've been having lots lately...

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  1. Sounds amazing :)

    ella fitzgerald is such a great artist too! Same as louis armstrong or billie holiday! All big loves!