Sunday, May 13, 2012

There's no gold, I thought I'd warn ya

My beloved X

I've worked all weekend which is good because I'm rolling in the folding stuff $$ (ca-ching), and good as well because it kind of kept me occupied and away from particular thoughts of the anxious variety. I still haven't gotten around to writing my thesis. Funny that. I'm leaving for America in 11 days and I just counted to write it here, and I didn't realize it was so soon and I can't believe that. I have 11 days to write my 3000 word draft. Incredibly doable, yes, but days go by quite easily without me stringing together a single decent sentence. Also there's other matters to contend with like emotions and stuff, that I can't seem to figure out at the moment. I'm only going away for like 2 and a bit weeks but I'm in a mentality that my entire life or at least my year is divided into pre going away and post going away. The entry I wrote a couple of days ago about putting stuff off till the endless horizon of tomorrow is really me pushing them into this space of 'when I get back'. Maybe it isn't a totally wild idea - last time I went to America my *whole life changed* (true story) and maybe this rupture to routine will again jolt me back like electroshock treatment into a rational and adult means of dealing with sadness, exhalations, vague relationships and all that great stuff. 

Again while my trip isn't very long, I feel like I may as well be leaving on a jet plane forever, probably because I have been listening to a lot of Joan Baez and all those great folk singers of the 60s and 70s who write about going somewhere and never coming back and the Chelsea Hotel and California and getting on trains and incredible fondness' for place and people and lovers, and the largeness of missing someone. I love all that junk so much. I made a playlist. "Oh goody, something new and different for us." Here ya go. It's for traveling and the idea of it, and for everything I mentioned above.

"Love can make you happy and love can rob you blind"

1. El Condor Pasa (If I Could) - Simon and Garfunkel
2. Daddy, You Been On My Mind - Joan Baez
3. Here In California - Kate Wolf
4. Willy - Joni Mitchell
5. Sweeter For Me - Joan Baez
6. Catch The Wind - Donovan
7. I Don't Know Where I Stand - Joni Mitchell
8. Way Behind The Sun - Pentangle

Joan Baez, front, second from right (not the dog) at her sister Mimi's wedding 1968
Kate Wolf another goddess I am now in love with
This album cover is exactly what I have been talking about succinctly squished into an image


  1. where will you be before you leave? what happened the last time? I would like to know more about life changing trips. I am moving to a foreign hemisphere in a month or so. I like your colours. sometimes I wear colourful clothes (every day) and it is different for other people to see what I see in everything, life is so uneasy in that way. I hope you have a weird and magical time in nyew york

    1. Hmm, before I leave I guess I'll be where I always am, in and around my studio and my bedroom, occasionally someone else's. Last time I went overseas I was quite young and very lost in many ways, and I felt incredibly mammothly anxious and sad for a long period of time and I went overseas and saw MoMa and the MET and all this art and I got back and felt like I had finally *found myself* tear. But seriously. I feel like I might need this trip again this time. Thanks for your comment. Where are you moving to? Best of luck. XX Minna

  2. hi there, your trip sounds fantastic and it will be first of many. Some practical tips for that draft of your thesis. If the idea of your paper is to introduce your work to the examiner (which most visual art hons papers are) you just need to take the reader through the steps of what you did and the questions you asked yourself along the way. Start with writing about he first painting you did this year, then the questions or reflections you had about hose then the next paintings/drawings/ etc. Usually once you have done that some over aching ideas will come into place.
    xx good luck! 10 days is only 300 words a day. About a blog post!! get onto it!

    1. Hi Raquel! Thanks so much for your practical advice. VCA is verrrrry floaty in terms of writing.. I feel very unguided! If one more person tells me to write sub-headings I will go crazy! I'm dedicating today to writing and have done lots so far, so I'm feeling better. It feels great just to start! Good point about introducing my work. I'm talking about it in a bit of a wishy washy way so need it to be more solid for the examiner to get an idea - not a such a vague one. Thank you! :) Hope you are well and that everything is great in your life and art at the moment!!! : ) Have a great day! Love Minna xoxo

  3. ahh I love to daydream about just hopping on a plane to New York or somewhere, with little money and no idea if I'll ever return...usually whilst listening to Simon and Garfunkel's America.
    Anyway, good luck with your thesis! x

    1. Ooooomg 'America' is like the most perfect song here, but I think I've flogged it in other posts/playlists so I didn't include it... but it is actually like PERFECT in so many ways, I love it love it love it. It's sentiment was definitely solidified when it was used in Almost Famous when Anita leaves home in the car with her boyfriend and she uses it to explain why she's going....... to die for!!!
      Thanks for your comment XXX

  4. you wouldn't happen to have dylan's 'mama you've been on my mind' that you could slip onto a playlist at some point, would ya :} it's IMPOSSIBLE to track down on the internet - other than on spotify, which has a 5 play limit. and a song as good as that really requires more than 5 listens! anyway, your joan baez number got me thinking about it.

    1. Oh yes what a lovely song! I don't actually have the Mp3, but from some research you can actually buy it on Itunes! Only $1.69 so worth it I reckon!! It's on the Bob Dylan bootleg album. just search for the song title in Itunes and it should come up!! Good luck. It's so beautiful!!!! XXXX Minna :)