Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sweeter for me

"Don't mess with me, just take me home"
Come lay, help us lay young Billy down.

"As I remember your eyes 
were bluer than robin's eggs, 
my poetry was lousy you said 
where are you calling from? 
- a booth in the midwest"

You guys, ah, JOAN BAEZ. Hello! Where has she been alla my life!? I thought I got everything I needed from Joni Mitchell and only ever gave any real time to 'The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down' and 'Never Dreamed You'd Leave in Summer' (obviously) but I just got the album 'Farewell Angelina' and some other stuff of hers and have been listening to it solidly all day while I was working a shift at my gallery job and WOAH. Joan has like a real grunt or something, something really guttural that somehow hits home in the sweetest folkiest way. Her songs are very solidly narrative, in contrast to Leonard and Joni who I feel are narrative in a more floaty, abstract way.

Above are some pix of me showing you the clothes I got at Savers today, and a rainbow painting that I did for fun. I was feeling weird on the train home with only Joan for company - someone behind me was reading aloud and the sun was making me squint and I was leaning against a seat with my flared pants dragging on the ground - I was very conscious of being a single entity, of being something so solid and yet so transient like a Baez sentiment.


  1. ooh! love the new header and background! :)
    cool post too :) and i'll have to check her out! i've only ever heard about her, but i don't think i've ever heard anything by her? or maybe i have, i really cannot tell!

    1. You may have heard some Baez! She and Bob Dylan were affiliated for a while there.. A huge inspiration exchange of a relationship I think. like Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell briefly.. I am going to make a playlist with lots of Joan! Look her up on Youtube too :) :) :) X Minna

  2. Minna! I am so happy that you got that floral dress! I saw it on Friday night on my way home and I thought of you. The other one IS REALLY SO GREAT TOO, LIKE WOAH! Your rainbow painting is beautiful, and looks way fun - as always. I have never listened to Joan (I do not think), but I might now. I got this Cleopatra hat beaded thing at Savers that I have been wanting FOREVER, and now it is all mine because someone chucked it out. It was only $3.99, wooooo. xx

    1. Yeah!!! It's really nice. Although the zip is kind of coming away from the dress at a bit that I didn't notice... but ohhh welllll it's great fabric. I reckon tonight I am going to sort out some shit to sell at the knight street market! I want more spending monies for america. I am going to make a playlist tonight with some Joan for you. I am in love. I can't wait to see your Cleopatra beaded hat!!! That sounds AMAZING, and, what a bargain! Please wear it this week. YAY. Have a lovely Sunday night. XXX See you tomorrow XOX Minna