Friday, May 18, 2012

Papa was a Rolling Stone, Mama developed a habit


Lee Miller in Hitler's bathtub

'That's got his own.'

I can rap whole Eminem songs which is so fun. My friends and I do it after a beer or four  with like rapping arm movements and bobbing heads and everything. Onlookers are never really impressed. Above is some pictures of stuff I got, an amazing 70s mini-dress (the one I'm wearing), that thing I'm holding up in the second photo is a real 1970s t-shirt, with a picture printed on the front of a couple lazing about in the woods or something. It is to die for. I also got a Led Zeppelin book from 1972 (It really was my day today!) that has the scores of songs in it on yellowed paper - Stairway to Heaven is in there with all the lyrics, my fav song for experiencing some kind of transcendental time via pop music. Um also I got like the best sunglasses ever, so appropriate for walking the streets of New York in spring ooohhh America is so close! I wanna get together the ultimate romantic wardrobe for my trip, like I want it to be perfectly 70s. Even though I am like a hoarder I really like the idea of living out of a suitcase because you can have like a really specific look and be really industrial when it comes to making outfits because you have less to work with. Some cool stuff can come out of that.

One would think that I would hold off buying clothes for a while before my trip but ultimately that isn't possible. If anything I'm buying more clothes because I want the perfect New York outfits. So silly. I also wanna get a really amazing retro suitcase but I just don't think that would be practical, no wheels up 7 flights of stairs you know. Oh to live entirely in my time warp... this is such a big post cause I've been hoarding images for a while, sorry, but I hope you enjoy it on this lonely Friday night - we have each other. X Minna.


  1. OHMYGIDDYGODGOSH that dress is amazing! I LOOVE it! The pictures are very interesting as well! Nice sunglasses, by the way!

  2. This is ALL so great. So great.

    "His arms are heavy,.....vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti"