Saturday, May 19, 2012

Knight Street Market

Okay this is going to be a more eloquent reminder about Knight Street Market, at my friend's gallery in Footscray. This time I'll actually give the ADDRESS which is a really important thing when you want to go somewhere. It is at 61 Victoria Street Footscray, which you will find is literally one second from Middle Footscray station - so it's very easy to get to via public transport. I will be selling clothes that I am just about to lug on the train all the way over there. They're priced from $2 to $10 (One thing is $10) So very cheap! Other friends will be selling hand made jewelry, art stuff, *bric a brac* and lots of retro/second hands clothing. I have resigned myself to the fact that I am going to be late, but it starts at 10am. Forget the mental barrier you harbor about Footscray and come along. It's literally 10 minutes out of the city, hello!

If that ain't incentive enough (my old clothes that is) we're having a *free* movie night after the market, starting at 6pm. See the below poster made by the amazing Cheralyn Lim:
Thank you for listening to my renentless plug - regular broadcasting will resume tomorrow.

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