Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Different Drum

This post is going to have lots of stuff in it but the most important thing is the above song, which has been on repeat in my life for the past two days, and I just love it so much right now for a reason I can't yet articulate. You know when you are on the train and another train is beside you going the other way, and you're not really sure if you are the train that is moving or if the other train is moving. Just like you can be not really sure exactly how another person is feeling, or what their next move will be. You can make an educated guess but it could go either way or reach either conclusion.

Anyway, other stuff. Tonight I was really excited because I went to a lecture at my Uni given by two of the founding members of the Guerrilla Girls, which was AMAZING, and made me feel *all* powerful and proud to be involved in ROOKIE, which I believe is a fantastic, constructive and creative platform for young women to learn about, well, being a young woman amidst a whole bunch of conflicting expectations and stuff. There is this one poster work by the Guerrilla Girls that I love, and it's called 'Top Ten Signs That You're An Art World Token' - one of the 'signs' is 'Whenever you open you mouth, it's assumed that you speak for 'your people' and not just yourself'.

I find this really poignant because since being involved in ROOKIE, there is this assumption that the artwork I make fits within a feminist dialogue and is *about* feminism. I find this frustrating exactly because of the above quote, I mean can't I be a woman and make art without it having to be about being a woman and making art, you know? I don't get that! People would never assume Rothko's paintings were about him bein' a Russian American man, OBVIOUSLY. I mean yes I'm making art for womankind, but I'm making it for mankind too - and for me feminism is about encouraging totally even ground. I'm making art for human kind, about whatever the hell I want it to be about goddammit! If that happens to be feminism, then power to you, as well as if it happens to be about whatever the hell you say it's about!

Ah, end rant. I hope I got my point across adequately. I love the 'F' word, obviously - just a little more fiercely than I did now after seeing the Guerrilla Girls.

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Hannah Hoch

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