Monday, May 28, 2012

Ballad of a Thin Man

Here's an update from Starbucks at the corner of Lexington and 96th... I'm at here solely because of internet access, for the record. I am just about to take a walk to Central Park, it's a beautiful but humid morning. Yesterday I went thrifting and to a flea market with Emma Orlow from the Emma Edition which was so lovely, I bought some INCREDIBLE earrings that are in the shape of two eyes, that have some pretty intense diamontes in them as the pupils. I found some amazing pants with palm trees on them that didn't fit, which I was very disappointed about! Emma and I got iced teas and I heard all about her life growing up in NYC, which was so interesting! Very different from how I have grown up. Tomorrow I'm getting the train to Boston for my Aunty's wedding. This will be significantly more chilled out than New York City, perhaps. Below is a photograph of me looking a little humidity affected that Emma took in front of this Mike Brown esque mural in Astor Place. (Hey Louise, there are my blue converse - they've been walking the streets of New York City!)


  1. Welcome to the Northeast! Your outfit is amazing.

  2. Love the outfit you're wearing! Have fun in Boston!


    Nina Charlie

    1. Thanks so much! I can't wait for Boston. i can't get Joan Baez's 'please come to boston' outta my head!! XXX

  3. Awwwww Minnnnna I'm so envious. Have fun, soak it all up real good. And i agree, you're outfit IS great. <3

  4. Hey Priya! Thanks so much! That is my 'it's so so hot in New york city but I still wanna wear layers like a true melbournite' outfit. It was very very hot. I'm going to a Savers store in the Suburbs tomorrow.. SO exciting!! XXXXXX

  5. OMG hope you found some amazing things today! Ahh :) x