Sunday, April 1, 2012


I've had a pretty wild weekend actually. I feel quite disorientated because I didn't get any sleep last night and then I had an extended nap this afternoon and now I feel like it's a new day, a day in between Monday and Sunday that is weird and freaky and not real which is kind of how I felt last night, even though it was fun.

Last night was my friend Cheralyn's art opening at my friend Louis' gallery 'Knight Street Art Space' in Footscray. The title of the show is BINGE, and there was enough bingeing at the opening to account for a life times worth. There were a few pivotal moments last night, like when two of my best friends went down the rabbit hole and we danced under stained glass light in the gallery. Underneath our bare feet was a blanket of salt that covered the floor and crunched and moved with Mick Jagger and our ridiculousness. A friend war painted herself with red paint then did the same to all of us. Clothes were removed, it was 1967. My face looked like a mountain, I was told - and we laughed manically and ate plums like cavemen over and over while kneeling and rolling around in the snow blanket of salt. The Binge. "Shit's cool" and "Don't worry, we're real".

At the party I went to on Friday night there was live music and this girl played Bob Dylan's unfinished song that I think is called 'Rock Me Mama' but was later named 'Wagon Wheel' after Old Crow Medicine Show finished the unfinished song with the added verses. Anyway last night that song was kind of playing in my head as the narrative unfolded and I was overcome with such a huge unequivocal love for my friends, and everything seemed desperately and disastrously perfect.

"And if I die in Raleigh,
At least I will die free"

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  1. sounds like a great evening to me!