Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oh man I need T.V when I got T.Rex

I was a little idle today which of course triggers thoughts of the unpleasant variety. I got out the textas and made the above drawings as distractions, I ended up being kind of happy with them. "Seems like, old times" aesthetically and in more ways than one.

Yesterday morning my friend and I stumbled across a huge cardboard box on the street, filled with books - next to it was a sign that said: 'FREE, PLEASE TAKE'. They were all incredible classics by the likes of Virginia Woolf, D.H Lawrence, George Orwell, Anthony Burgess... and lots more. I picked up an amazing tattered 70s copy of 'Women In Love' by D.H Lawrence because I've never read it before. Yesterday for lunch I went to my new favourite place which is called Om Vegetarian on Elizabeth Street in the city. My friend Craig took me there a couple of months ago and now I am totally hooked. It is my go-to, relaxation, reflecting spot, I can read and eat the delicious food and ponder life's mysteries all for $6.50. I begun reading Women In Love there over a solitary lunch.

I think I've eaten more meals out this weekend than in. Tonight I went out for dinner and I overheard a girl old enough to know asking her Grandmother how to spell 'genius' - who proceeded to answer 'G E N I O U S' I actually loved that. 


  1. love the pictures, the new design is so great!

  2. i also love your new layout! totally swank ;)

  3. YOU GUUUUUYYYSSS!!!! Thank you so much. So glad you all like it!!!!!! And thanks for your comments :) :) :) :) :) :) :) Love Minna