Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I hate everyone the end

The above statement is ultimately false but today particularly the sentiment rings true. I had a day off today so instead of using it productively e.g writing my thesis or reading to gain knowledge enabling me to do so, I focused on coming up with an outfit for a party on the weekend. The party is 'disguise' themed, so naturally I came to the conclusion that I am going to dress up as a 70s spy like one in a 70s James Bond movie or something. My friend Tiff also came over which was lovely, and we lazed about on my bed and laughed about disillusionment and how everyone else in the whole world is terrible except us.

Anyway back to the outfit. Very important. So I think I mentioned these silk pants that I bought in Perth that were way too expensive for me but I stretched and now I own them and I love them and they are to make their debut on Friday night! The outfit was worked around the pants because they are super seventies - wide legged, a beige peachy colour, silk, flowing.. sssennnsuall.. um and I'm going to wear this massive brown 70s trench coat that I have and a pink turtleneck top and my rainbow platforms. I also will draw like a fake beauty spot like next to my mouth and wear gold eyeshadow and wear sunglasses (Either of the two below) HEY WOW I AM A MATERIALISTIC IMAGE OBSESSED GIRL OH WELL SORRY. Here are some images that I hoarded for inspiration and some pics of me being dumb in my new pants okay great bye.


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  1. haahah i really like your turtleneck btw :)